Central Office

Key Officials

Name Position Contact No.
Harold E. Clavite Director-General Phone: 920-1224, 772-7601, 772-7602
Fax: 920-4386
Gregorio Angelo C. Villar Deputy Director-General Phone: 426-0071, 772-7621, 920-4395, 772-7616, 920-6703

Division Heads

Name Division/Unit Contact No.
Marie Angelie C. Villapando Administrative Division Phone: 920-4345
Fax: 920-4337
Harold E. Clavite Communications Group Phone: 920-4329 / 920-7824
Amado G. Andres Finance and Management Division Phone: 772-7650
Fax: 920-4385
Loida A. Valle Human Resource Development Division Phone: 772-7640
Fax: 920-4339
Virgilio M. Gaje Management and Information Systems Division Phone: 772-7681
Nilo A. Mamaclay Planning and Communication Research Division Phone: 920-4652
Fax: 920-4346
Emelyn Q. Libunao Program Management Division Fax: 920-4348
Gregorio Angelo C. Villar Regional Operations Division Fax: 920-4348