ILOILO CITY, Dec. 27 (PIA6) —  Before becoming an Information Officer, I was a teacher.

I still am!

I am very blessed that Philippine Information Agency has been so generous in giving me the opportunity to practice my profession as a part-time university faculty in a private higher education institution here. 

This is one perk I am privileged to have while working at PIA. I get to perform 101% committed public service while giving leeway to another passion that I could not shun away and that is molding young minds to harness their skills and talents and contribute to nation-building.

These two endeavors have been so in-sync with each other that I was not able to encounter conflict. Of course, my priority will always be PIA no matter what. But so far, it has been a successful ‘public-private partnership’ - my own successful version of PPP.

My work with PIA as an Information Officer is in harmony with me being a teacher. As IO, I provide timely, accurate, relevant and valuable information to the public while being a teacher allows me to motivate students to be well-informed, to take important steps in making decisions on relevant issues besetting the country, and to take part in valuable community activities that can help those in need.

My teaching has also become a platform to elevate public awareness of government programs and projects through my students in a multiplier effect.

It has also been an avenue to put forward the agency’s thrusts and has paved the way for some collaboration on certain agency projects. 

To name a few, the students’ forum on climate change in 2014 and the Briefing on the West Philippine Sea Issue for Students and APEC 101 orientations in 2015 were just some of the PIA-led projects hosted by the university where I teach. 

And thanks to PIA, I was able to bring 11 of my students to Tokyo, Japan to take part in the Japan East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) 2.0 which catered to students of mass media.

I have this particular motto that goes “there is nothing more noble than pursuing your passion and helping others”.

With my work as an Information Officer at PIA, the satisfaction I derived from being able to touch other people’s lives by conveying information that is of essence and could help them uplift their lives is incomparable.

And being able to teach on the side and honing young minds to be active partakers in nation-building is priceless. (LTP/PIA-Iloilo).