ILOILO CITY, February 17 (PIA) --- Hassle-free travels and more business contacts and linkages – these are just some of the benefits being reaped by a young Ilongga entrepreneur and travel blogger from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) community.

Levy Anne Amosin, a young businesswoman from Iloilo City, said that she first heard of ASEAN during her last semester in college as an organization composed of ten nations which are united in vision and goals.

Little did she know then that her future endeavors and activities as an entrepreneur and a travel blogger can benefit from the ASEAN community.

“At 23, I am tasked to manage our travel and tour business, the ACF Travel and Tours based here in Iloilo City. ASEAN has made it easier for me to access hotels and communicate with the foreign community,” she said.

She said that the establishment of the ASEAN community gave an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to expand their limits and explore more possibilities even outside the Philippines.

“Hesitations were lessened and encouragement was built due to the presence of ASEAN,” she said. She shared that connections with friends from different business sectors related to travel and tours were also made possible by the ASEAN.

As an individual who has made traveling both her passion and profession, Amosin said that ASEAN will play an important role in my future travel experiences.

“I maintain a blog at and I share my personal travel adventures in that platform,” she shared.

She said that she has already planned to travel to the different member nations of the ASEAN with Vietnam and Cambodia as her primary itineraries this summer.

“Given the fact that ASEAN imposed the ‘no visa’ policy among its member nations, it widened the possibilities of visiting these countries with fewer hassles and conflicts,” she said.

She added that the Philippines’ hosting of the ASEAN Summit this year will further boost her growth as a young entrepreneur and provide more opportunities to connect with other business people and travelers in the region. (PIA)