The best time of the year to celebrate love is February. This is the season when you can see couples everywhere dating, eating in plush hotels and restaurants, or even just in simple eateries, visiting theme parks, watching movies in cinemas, etc. What makes the occasion more romantic for couples is the men’s giving of a bouquet of flowers and chocolates to their partners who normally repay the gesture with the kiss of love and gratitude.

All these are how we picture our love month, particularly during Valentine’s Day. Oftentimes, we think that love month is only for couples, that only people really happy on Valentine's Day are couples completely in love with each other, forgetting that the month is also the time to celebrate the many loves and friendships in our lives for couples and singles like me.

When I was in high school, which I considered as an experiment stage, I had two relationships. Puppy love as we call it. This gave me the opportunity to experience how it feels to love and be loved by people other than my family members and friends. These instances, however, weren’t serious.

I believe people don’t change. It is just a matter of growing mature. We all grow physically and the way we think and perceive things also mature. As I grew older, my perception about love became broader - that love isn’t just about saying “I love You” to people we love and giving sweet presents to them especially during the love month. Love isn’t just about a person-to-person relationship. Love can be seen and manifested in many ways.

When the month of February comes along, we focus too much on romantic love and I should not exempt myself from this limited concept of love. Sadly that this has kept us from missing all the other kinds of love that we should experience. Our life is rich with love, even if it's not the kind we expect at times. The leisurely walk with friends, the chats, plays and eating together with family members, simple messages we send through the social media, all these we forget to realize are the manifestations of love.

I celebrated my Valentine’s Day at the office precisely because it’s not a holiday. Nothing special as if it was just like any other work day. But this did not prevent me from celebrating the essence of love. It was Tuesday and I facilitated the Facebook live of the weekly Tipon Tipan sa PIA. The mere fact that I was enjoying what I was doing was an indication that I had love in me while I was doing any job.

In my work, PIA has totally embraced and recognized my first love. Although most of the time, I get to bond with my desktop computer as I do my daily work and other concerns, there is nothing more fulfilling than getting satisfied by following my heart desires - writing. And that’s something that should be celebrated this February.

Because of the nature of my work at PIA, I get to meet other people from all walks of life. Aside from the privilege of expanding my network of friends and affiliations, indirectly, I get the opportunity to find the right one for me who might just be around the corner in meetings and press conferences that I attend. When one is passionate about what he does, love will just come along the way. I’ll wait for the right one at the right time to come. After all, I believe in destiny.

For now, as I wait for ‘The Right One’, all I need to do is to treasure all the people I love and those who love me unconditionally to include my family, relatives, friends, colleagues and mentors. And of course, not to forget my relationship with PIA and its people. Just like any other human relationship, I should give importance to things that come my way.

My work is just like a woman who asks for commitment and so I should. Work is like a girlfriend needing care and attention to be nurtured. Our relationship with our work requires courtship to achieve approval. If you believe in yourself and have the dedication to win her sweetest YES, you’ll definitely be a winner in love and in work.

Now, who says love month is only for couples? Well, definitely not as long as you love what you are doing! (PIA)