KORONADAL CITY, South Cotabato,  Mar. 8  (PIA) -- In addition to  its famous  eco-adventure  sites,  Tboli  town   in South Cotabato   has opened a village  where visitors could learn about the  Tboli culture and hold events in a  traditional setting.

Just recently, the Tboli  LGU, led by the  Municipal  Tourism  Office, launched  its Cultural Village and Traditional Tboli Long House  in Barangay Lemsnolon, about  5 minutes ride from the town  center.

"The  cultural  village in  Lemsnolon is a  tourism  destination where  visitors can immerse  in the  Tboli  culture, specifically  on  weaving,  music and chants, short stories, cuisine  and others  with the help  cultural masters,"  Rodel Hilado,  municipal  tourism  officer, told  Philippine Information Agency.

Hilado added that the  cultural  village  is  convenient   for   meetings,  conferences and  events with a  twist on culture and adventure.

"Lemsnolon is also the best place to go if you want to  conduct  research on  the Tboli culture,"  he  stated.

The cultural village's  main feature is   the  traditional  long house (Gono Bong) where  visitors  may  stay and  conduct meetings  and   buy  Tboli products  such as  Tnalak cloth,  brass wares, ornaments, and others.

Food  served  in the traditional  house  are only Tboli  cuisine.

While in the long house, they  may  also  visit the  weaving  room  where  they can  witness  Tboli women  weaving shawls, malongs,  and  Tnalak  cloth. 

An overnight  stay at  the  Gono Bong costs only P150.

Hilado  explained that the  project was "patterned  from the cultural  villages in Sarawak, Malaysia  where  all the tourist  receiving centers and accommodations  for MICE (meetings incentives, conferences and events) are made with the semblance of the  cultural  houses."

At present,  reservations for the Lemsnolon Cultural Village   are being handled  by the  Municipal Tourism  Office  but will soon be transferred to an organization of local residents. 

Tboli is celebrating its  19th Seslong  Festival   from March 5 - 16. Seslong, according to  Hilado, means  trading or  exchange. 

Mayor  Dibu Tuan emphasized  that  visitors to the 11-day festivities will be  treated to a celebration  of "nature, culture, and  adventure."

Tboli is  known  for its  adventure  destinations including Lake  Holon,  Bakngeb  Cave , Hidak Falls.

Lake Holon, which was  closed for  annual  rehabilitation on  January 6 will be opened on  Saturday for the Pilgrimage to  Holon 2017: The  Great  #Hugot Trek on March 10-12.

Bakngeb Cave  is a suitable  place for  riverside picnic; it also  offers a 3-kilometer  water rafting that starts  inside the Bangeb  Cave.

Hidak Falls  is  being  developed  as an  exclusive  resort inside a rainforest. Once operational, the  by-reservation-only  facility  will offer  traditional  services including  accommodation,  cuisine, personal  butler, massage  spa and others  on top of  the  experience of the  nature featuring water  falls in a rainforest.    

Tboli is one of the  Top 10  Green  Destinations in  the  World in 2016. (DEDoguiles-PIA 12)