SAN FERNANDO CITY, March 8 (PIA) - A permanent resident in the Unites States but a proud Filipina. Physically sound and fit at the age of 46. A grandmother of two toddlers namely Arkin, five, and Zoe, four. A staunch advocate of working out.  

She is Marinez dela Torre Burnett but known to many as Lola ‘Nez. She actively promotes that being physically fit, active, healthy, and sexy is possible for middle-aged women, which is sometimes far beyond the conventional picture projected by the society.

“Don’t let age define and limit your abilities, potential, and even your dreams,” Lola ‘Nez said.

She added, “Regardless of age, we, women still can achieve goals. I am a living proof and I am enjoying the benefit of living a balanced and a healthy lifestyle.”

Lola ‘Nez is a competitive bikini class bodybuilder having won two first places as National Physique Committee (NPC) Branch Warren Championships and another first place in the NPC Battle of Champions.  

At present, she is competing with 30 other finalists who also won from their regional competitions around the world for the Ms. Health and Fitness 2017. They emerged as top women bodybuilders based on public voting from among 1,200 entrants.

According to her husband, Bob, “Lola has a large social media following, with almost 60,000 followers who provide her with a big support base but as the contest moves to the finals, she would love to have the additional support of the Filipino community”.

To advance to the next level, she needs public support, especially from Filipinos, by voting for her at  

Before migrating to the US in 2010, grandma ‘Nez was handling Alchemy Transcription services, her medical services company in San Fernando City, La Union catering to clients in the US.

Their family now resides in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota and Estero, Florida.

“I am a very strong advocate for women, even when I was in the Philippines. I founded an organization called LAYA Filipina and worked closely with the Department of Social Welfare and Development,” she added.

Now at her age, one would be amazed by her passion for fitness by working out for two and a half hour to three hours a day in Smash Fitness Gym in Bonita Springs, Florida.

“I have a specific goal I am working to attain and before I enter the gym I have already mapped out every exercise, every set and every rep I am going to perform... which includes how much time I will rest between sets” she shared.

She furthered that she also attributes her active lifestyle to her coach, Dan Eslinger at D4MuscleFit and said “the structure he has laid out for me doesn't allow for any dilly-dallying.”

“The love of my family sustains me through the hard work and rigorous training. I owe it to them that I stay healthy, fit and active for as long as I can. That is also how I show my love to them,” she added.

Being one of the 31 finalists for the Ms. Health and Fitness competition, Lola ‘Nez has a chance to win $ 20,000 aside from being featured in the “Muscle & Fitness Hers,” one of the most read physical fitness magazines.

But more important than the cash incentive she might receive is the recognition that Lola ‘Nez is a Filipina and a health inspiration to many women.

Indeed, Lola ‘Nez is undeniably another face of the Filipino women. (JNDP/JDS/PIA-1, La Union)