NAGA CITY, March 16 (PIA) – Ricardo Perez, a former government employee and newsman who now enjoys the perks of being in the academe, received the Globe PRISM Award for his lifelong work with the indigenous Agta tribe. He created a page to raise the awareness of netizens regarding the plights and rich culture of the indigenous people.

Rick was among the participants of the PRISM Expo, a Globe digital literacy program in Bicol held at the University of Nueva Caceres (UNC) here during the weekend, with over 100 teachers as scholars and digital learners in attendance.

“Understanding the language of technology allows our teachers to adapt to their evolving roles as educators. They should be able to facilitate learning through new methods of teaching and various media, to usher our students in getting tech-enable jobs in the future, Michelle Tapia, Advisor and Head of Globe’s Education Strategy and Innovations said during the event.  

The activity was part of the PRISM Expo which showcased the different projects undertaken by teachers in the Bicol region as part of their expected output after a two-day immersion in a boot camp, blended project-based learning and personalized coaching. It involved over 100 school teachers all over the Bicol region.

They are part of the close to 1,000 teachers who were undertaking the same activity in various venues across the country. Aside from Naga, other sites included Metro Manila, Pampanga, Cebu City, and Cagayan de Oro City.

“We have invited teachers to undergo various activities and projects in technology-enabled instruction and content-development that can help them cope with the challenges of integrating technology in their lessons.  We think that this this digital literacy program for our teachers will open a lot of possibilities, not just for the school but also for the communities,” Tapia added.

The school administration represented by its vice president for administration and finance, Eleanor Salumbre, thanked the organizers for choosing UNC as the event’s venue for the PRISM Bicol leg. 

“This is a milestone not only for Globe and our school, but also for the Bicol region and our education sector.  We are one with PRISM’s objective to expand our teacher’s capabilities by improving their digital literacy skills to be more effective.”

The teachers, representing their respective teams, came up with various digital projects like the creation of blog, mind-jugging games, tutorial sites and a page for various advocacies.  This in return, will be taught to their students to help bridge the techno-gap between the teachers and the new generation of students who grew in an environment where Mr. Google and instant connectivity are just a click away. (LSMacatangay/PIA5/Camarines Sur)