KALIBO, AKLAN, Mar. 17 (PIA) –The  poultry inventory in the province of Aklan as of January 1, 2017 increased by 20 percent; while the number of livestock went down by 3 percent, records from Philippine Statistics Authority-Aklan showed.

The poultry inventory in Aklan, which is  comprised of chicken and ducks, as of January 1 this year reached 960,852; showing an increase of 160,644 as compared to last year’s data of the same period with 800,208.

Specifically, the chicken inventory listed at 905,301, which covered the 94 percent of the total number of poultry in the province, was up by 20 percent; whereas, duck inventory comprised the six percent , recorded at 55,551.

Meanwhile, livestock inventory in Aklan decreased by 4,677 - from 168,042 as of January 1, 2016 to 163,365 this year.   

Based on the latest count of PSA-Aklan, hogs registered the highest inventory at 110,529; followed by cattle 24,409; carabao 20,332; and goat 8,095.

Compared to last year’s data, the carabao declined by seven percent or 1,456; while both cattle and hogs by three percent each or 712 and 3,147, respectively.

However, goats showed a positive growth of nine percent or 638.

In a press release, Provincial Statistics Officer Antonet Catubuan explained that the inventory of animal population refers to the actual number of domesticated animals present in the farm at a specific reference date.

She added that the data were derived from the Backyard and Commercial Livestock and Poultry that are being surveyed quarterly to determine the performance of the livestock and poultry industry of the province.(SQP/JCM/PIA6 Aklan)