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PDEA not all about buy-bust and drug raids

Buy-bust operations and drug raids are the most commonly known activity under the anti-illegal drugs campaign of the national government.

Buy-bust operations and drug raids are what the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) is popularly known for.

For years, these two activities became the face and brand of PDEA in the eyes of the masses.

But have it ever crossed your mind if there are other things PDEA does, aside from these two, to address the problem on illegal drugs?

Or these are their only way to deliver their mandate on ensuring that laws on dangerous drugs are implemented?

Well, to change your views and add up to your perspective, intelligence officers or PDEA agents’ duties are not all about buy-bust operations and drug raids.

PDEA also utilizes a holistic approach on dealing with the facets of the prevailing drug problems like the demand reduction approach which aims to reduce or prevent people from wanting to take illegal drugs.

Cheska Oribello,  an intelligence officer and chief of the Preventive Education and Community Involvement Section of PDEA La Union, shares that their team is visiting one community from another to conduct forums informing the public about the dangerous effects of using and selling of illegal drugs.

“Hindi lang po concentrated ang trabaho ng PDEA sa mga hulihan," Agent Cheska shared over the "Usapang PDEA" segment of PIA La Union radio program dubbed as Tugstugan at Balitaan. 

Agent Cheska elaborated, “Bumababa kami sa mga barangay upang sa gayon ay mabigyan ng sapat na kaalaman ang ating mga mamamayan tungkol sa panganib na dala ng iligal na droga."

Even amid threats of the COVID-19 pandemic, their effort on sharing information has not ceased. 

The information dissemination activities may had been hampered for a short time during those times of lockdowns but were immediately resumed when the situation got better and the world shifted to the so-called "new normal." 

Agent Cheska said that they are continuously working closely with local government units to deliver facts on illegal drugs across barangays while ensuring the safety of their participants against the deadly virus.

See? The work is not just about chase and guns, far different from the violence portrayed in dramas.

PDEA means no harm and they just wanted to attain a safe and peaceful community not just for you and for everybody. (JCR/AMB/CGC, PIA La Union)

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