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Blood Donors Month: Donating makes us healthy, saves lives

Did you know that donating blood regularly can burn 650 calories each time leading to weight loss and reduces risk of both heart diseases and cancer?

And did you know that the safest source of blood and blood products come from volunteer donors?

According to the Department of Health - National Voluntary Blood Services Program (DOH-NVBSP) and Department of Health -  Center for Health Development in Ilocos (DOH-CHD1), it is a big yes!

In the Kapihan sa Ilocos program, DOH-CHD1 Medical Technologist and Regional Blood Coordinator Mauro Marzan encouraged Filipinos who are ages 18-60 years of age to donate blood specially in this time of pandemic.

“I call for every Filipino to take the step of making ourselves healthy and at the same time helping others in emergency situations, by giving the priceless gift of blood regularly to have an adequate blood stock before a crisis arises,” Marzan said.

BLOOD DONATION MONTH 2021 - DOH-CHD1 Medical Technologist and Regional Blood Coordinator Mauro Marzan discusses the importance of blood donors during the Kapihan sa Ilocos program held on July 14, 2021. (AHFF/PIA-1)

Further, he said that there is a need for more blood givers due to a considerable drop in blood units among donors.

Marzan stressed that this is due to increase in coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases in the country, community lockdowns, and cessation of public transportations.  

In addition, the cancellation of mobile blood donations by partner-agencies, fear of blood donors to contract the disease and the unawareness that blood service facilities (BSF) are also some of the explanations.

“Let us achieve a substantial supply of blood across the Ilocos Region by increasing blood safety and availability. The support of all sectors is imperative in establishing blood donation programs in order to respond promptly to the outpouring blood demand during emergencies. Let us donate blood regularly and voluntarily, make blood donation a way of life,” Marzan said in closing.

July of every year is declared as the Blood Donors Month by former President Fidel V. Ramos per Proclamation No. 1021 signed on June 9, 1997.

This year’s theme is: "Donate blood and keep the world beating."

The whole month of July encourages all men and women to the altruistic cause of blood donation and the time to acknowledge our blood donors of their noble act of saving lives through their gift of blood. (JCR/AMB/AHFF/PIA-1)

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