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Beat the heat, stay healthy and safe!

Residents of Isabela City and the whole province of Basilan are experiencing scorching heat with temperature hovering much above 30 degrees Celsius which is hard, especially on children, adults, hypertensive individuals and those who have field jobs.

Everyone usually loves Summer. But, sometimes high degree of temperature really gets too much for us; the children in particular can find it hard to cope in the hot weather.

Recently, the DOH-Health Emergency Management Bureau released a Memorandum to all BARMM Minister of Health and all Directors of Centers for Health Development which stated the warning from PAGASA that some parts of Mindanao are experiencing extremely high temperatures reaching alarm levels.

In view of this, the DOH issued an advisory to the public to exercise precaution against heat exhaustion and heat stroke among people often exposed to heat and humid weather in Mindanao.

With this, everyone should know how they can personally cope up, beat the heat and staying healthy and safe at this extreme warm weather. It is very important for everyone to keep heat-related health and safety procedures.

Proper Ventilation
While staying at home, open all the windows to allow fresh air entering your room which should create a thorough breeze.

Keep Hydrated
Keep drinking plenty of fluid especially water which is best to keep you properly hydrated. Fruit juices may also help in hydrating and cooling children and adults. Per medical advise healthy people can stay well hydrated when they drink water and other fluids whenever they feel thirsty.

Use appropriate clothing
What you usually wear plays big part in keeping you cool so it is very important to choose light-colored and loose clothes. Children and adults can become over heated very quickly and when they sweat they started to feel uncomfortable and wearing thin clothes will help them feel cool and at ease.

Avoid outdoor activities if not necessary
Extreme heat can cause people to suffer from heat-related illness and even death when they were unable to properly cool themselves. As we are also facing the challenges brought by COVID-19, it is also favorable in same way to avoid outdoor activities and prevent possible exposure to COVID19 virus and exposure to extreme heat of the sun. As much as possible, stay in an air-conditioned or well-ventilated area.

The effort to respond with the challenges brought by COVID-19 pandemic is same important  with the effort to determine some other factors which may put our selves to risk and need not to be neglected. We need to beat COVID-19, we need to beat the heat, stay healthy and safe. (RVC/NDR/PIA9-Basilan/20210804)

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