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Bohol IATF: No deaths recorded among fully vaxxed group

In a bid to restore tourist confidence in Bohol, the government also prioritizes tourism industry workers, aside from the four priority groups earlier identified in the masterlist. (PIA Bohol)

In the 204 deaths related to coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that Bohol recorded from April 1 to Aug. 9, none of these were of persons who were fully vaccinated. By full vaccination, it means the person should have been given two doses of the two-dose vaccine or single dose of the Johnson and Johnsons and allowed at least 14 days for the vaccine to be fully effective to get the desired full protection from the virus.

In a report shared by the Bohol Inter Agency Task Force (BIATF) for the Management of Emerging Infectious Disease on Aug. 20, while it showed that no fully vaccinated person died due to COVID-19, many vaccine critics and even media personalities have been saying that even vaccinated people still die.

The report, which was posted and shared on social media, showed that during the period of roughly 131 days, some 204 Boholanos have died due to COVID-19. Of the 204 casualties, 178 or 87.25% of those who died were unvaccinated.

The same report showed that the remaining 12.7% who died were partially vaccinated. By being partially vaccinated, it means the person got the first dose of the vaccine, but somehow still managed to get the virus.

And if that data is still not enough, how about this: of the 223 persons who died of COVID-19 between May 1 to Aug. 9, some 60 of them would come from the 71 to 80-year old age bracket. Another 55 of those who died were from the 60 to 70-year old age bracket and 35 would come from the 80 years old and above age group.        

The 60 who died from the 71-80 age group form 26.91% of those who died, while the 55 who died comprise the 24.66%. It also means that those who died from the 61-70 and 71-80 age groups comprise half of the total COVID-19 deaths. Add to that the 35 who died from the 80 and above age group and the total deaths from 60-80 and above age groups already hit 67.27%. That and the 51 to 60-year old age group who died  f COVID-19 and the figure becomes a staggering 83.86% of the COVID-19 deaths.

With this, Bohol leaders and medical practitioners enjoin all Boholanos and their local government units to ensure that senior citizens are vaccinated immediately or the soonest time possible to spare them from hospitalization and even death. (RAHC/PIA7 Bohol)

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