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Have you encountered these mythical creatures?

Originating from the western tradition, Halloween is one of the most anticipated celebrations during October. Halloween or “All Hallow’s Eve” is traditionally a night where the human world opens its door to the spirits.

The spirits wander freely and people started wearing scary masks to drive them away. People also leave treats outside of their door to feed these starving spirits.

Currently, Halloween is a night where kids dress up in spooky costumes and go trick or treating.

However, in the Philippines, it is rather a week-long celebration, including All Saints’ Day (November 1) and All Souls’ Day (November 2), for meeting their relatives and visiting their deceased loved ones in the cemetery.

Additionally, Filipinos have plenty of local mythical creatures to scare themselves all year-round.

Here are a few examples of mythical creatures in the Philippines:

1.     Kapre - A Kapre is often represented as a huge and hairy creature who smokes tobacco and stays on top of a tree. Kapre is used to prevent kids from staying out late.

2.     Tikbalang - A Tikbalang has a head of a horse and a body of a human being. Filipinos usually tell “may Tikbalang na kinakasal (a Tikbalang is getting married)” when it is raining in the middle of a sunny day. Additionally, the Tikbalang is to blame whenever travelers get lost.

3.     Tiyanak - Tiyanak uses the image of a cute infant to enchant people and eventually reveals its demon form before it attacks humans.

4.     Tiktik - A Tiktik is a bird-like creature who preys on fetuses by extending its tongue.  (PIA-NCR)

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