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Educational triumphs in tough times

Oftentimes, academic institutions served as key players in shaping the children. They get to learn the ABCs and 123s in the small, four corners of the classrooms. Talents were nurtured at an early age.  Schools even became their refuge, their home away from home.

Fast forward to this year, schools are still an integral part of human development. The lingering pandemic, however, has changed the educational system landscape to the nth degree. Face-to-face classes were prohibited to ensure the safety of the teaching personnel and the students. Explorations have been done to ease learning modalities. Various teaching methods were practiced to cater the intellectual and psychological needs of the students. Distance learning. Blended modules. Online classes. Sure, the technology’s potential was utilized to the maximum level.

Dr. Nestor Paul Pingil, DepEd 6 English Education Program Supervisor, tackles the initiatives of schools to boost learning among children at this time of pandemic. (PIA6-LML)

The Department of Education (DepEd) 6 took a great leap of faith to champion educational innovations for the children and parents amid the sprout of distance learning.

“In DepEd Region 6, we believe that every child is a champion. That is our mantra. We can only produce champions, if we champion innovations and initiatives that will develop learning,” Dr. Nestor Paul Pingil, DepEd 6 English Education Program Supervisor, shared.

Speaking before the Dagyaw open government townhall meetings, Dr. Pingil 

underscored the innovations and best practices of the schools in Western Visayas.

The Schools Division of Iloilo was able to develop Kanta Basa, an enjoyable sing-and-read enhancement to foster the love of reading for learners in Key Stage 1. Developmentally contextualized songs were employed that learners sing together with the parents and teachers.

Meanwhile, in the northern part of Negros Occidental, the city government of Escalante formed partnership with Escalante Central Elementary School to implement the Homestudy Offline Platform for Education. Dubbed as the Project HOPE, barangays officials were tapped to help teachers in carrying out modules for the learners.

For a dose of creativity and brilliant innovation, a mobile baul science laboratory was designed to store science laboratory equipment and bring them to the communities for experimentation. A brainchild of the Schools Division of Antique, this learning strategy was also supported by the local government units.

As houses served as momentary classrooms, the Schools Division in Capiz did something fun and exciting. Teachers and parents utilized the little nooks of the home and converted them into conducive spaces for learning.

Reaching out the communities is one of the commitments of the DepEd to ensure that students have equal access to education. (PIA6-LML)

The province of Aklan likewise became the helping hand of the schools with the establishment of alternative learning centers in the communities. Dr. Pingil hoped that this valuable undertaking will also be replicated in the whole region.  

Before the advent of these innovations, Dr. Pingil recalled the qualms and challenges endured by the teachers and even parents to help nourish the young minds. Inadequate learning resources, poor internet connectivity, mental health, and limited skills on learning delivery modalities. These were the pressing issues and concerns blurted.  

“We just don’t look at the limitations and problems that come along the way. Let’s welcome these as opportunities for innovations, collaborations, and support system,” he said with conviction.

Armed with optimism and insightful character, DepEd 6 vowed to intensify the efforts to provide quality education for the youngsters. This became their noble responsibility, paving the way for the children to reach their aspirations. (AAL/LML/PIA6)

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