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How to be an ARTA Volunteer?

The Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) ensures that the behavioral standards expected from volunteers are to be met by setting out the ARTA Code of Conduct for volunteers in parallel with Republic Act No. 11032 or the Ease of Doing Business Law. The policy aims to eradicate red tape, streamline government processes and deliver efficient government services to the public.

For ARTA volunteers to attain the highest behavioral standard, one must abide to the following Code of Conducts:

1.         Ensure that the duties assigned to them as volunteers, in pursuit of the Authority’s mandate, are carried out responsibly, ethically, and with utmost integrity;

2.         Take a service-oriented anda citizen-centric approach when assisting the public in filling complaints;

3.         Report complaints in a timely manner and ensure proper communication and turn over of information to the Authority and concerned office/s;

4.         Respect the privacy and confidentiality of the information to be handled and treat complainants and others with fairness, equally, dignity, and courtesy;

5.         Operate only within the bounds specified by the Authority and in accordance with the law;

6.         Be accountable for their actions;

7.         In the performance of their role;

·             NOT TO engage in illegal activity;

·             NOT TO seek or accept any gifts, rewards, or benefits; and

·             NOT TO provide false or misleading statements, declaration, or claims.

Accompanied with the needed screening, orientation and trainings to the aspiring volunteers, ARTA aims to attain the highest possible outcome of this continuous effort to efficient public service. As Mr. Greco B. Belgica, former chairperson of Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission and a current ARTA champion, stated that cooperation must not only come from government sectors, but most importantly, it is due to be from non-government and the public, to effectively act against red tape and corruption. (JCR/CGC, PIA La Union)

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