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FEB-Bibig: celebrating oral health month year-round

February is heart's day. It is the time when we celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

A season of giving red roses, chocolates and all sorts of sweets, huggable stuff toys, and the like, as simple gestures of our love to our family, friends, and peers. 

But are you aware also that February is celebrated in the medical field, in particular, in the field of dentistry to show love?

Dubbed as the month of ‘pag-ibig’ or 'Feb-ibig', February is Oral Health Month of "Feb-bibig."

This year, Dr. Margarette Carmel-Corpuz, Dentist II of the Department of Health (DOH) Dentist Deployment Program, is promoting for the observance of “Feb-bibig” all year-round.

Keeping with this year’s theme “Orally-fit Pinoy para sa healthy Pilipinas,” the observance recognizes the role of dental health in the overall wellness of the human body.

“Itong Oral Health Month ay may layuning pagtibayin ang kaalaman ng mga Pilipino sa tamang dental health care at bigyang halaga ang mga dentista sa pagpapalaganap ng malusog na lipunan,” Dr. Corpuz says.

Dr. Corpuz shares some tips in maintaining proper dental health to practice.

Perhaps the easiest way to maintain dental hygiene is by brushing the teeth at least two times a day, by flossing, and using mouthwash. Corpuz also adds limiting the consumption of sweet and acidic foods to that list.

Moreover, Corpuz recommends having dental visits at least twice a year.

When it comes to children’s dental health, Corpuz suggests to take a preventive approach, rather than an elective approach when it comes to their oral hygiene.

An example is the application of fluoride varnish. The fluoride varnish is painted directly to the tooth’s surface and acts as an extra layer of protection for the teeth, this can be done every three to four months. 

Corpuz also advises parents and guardians to take a positive reinforcement approach in convincing children to visit the dentist.

“Huwag gawing panakot ang pagpunta sa dentist para maging positive ang pagtanggap nila ng treatment sa dentista,” she said.

The mouth, although a relatively small organ of the body plays a big role in the overall well-being of a person, from eating to communicating, hence it is important that we take good care of our oral health.

Dr. Corpuz backs this as she says: “Ang oral health ay mahalaga sa pangkalahatang pangkalusugan at kalidad ng buhay. Ang malusog na bibig ay tumutulong sa tao na kumain ng maayos, magsalita ng maayos at makihalubilo sa ibat-ibang tao. Kaya let’s always observe ‘Feb-bibig’ thoughout the year, hindi lamang sa buwan ng Pebrero.” (JCR/EJCG, PIA Ilocos Norte)

Dr. Margarette Carmel-Corpuz, Dentist II of the Department of Health (DOH) Dentist Deployment Program serves as the guest during the PIA Ilocos Norte 'Danggay iti Panagdur-as' radio program to discuss the importance of Oral Health Month.

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