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The beauty of Tangadan Falls

Much has been said about Tangadan Falls and many have shared their experience after witnessing its beauty.

In the indigenous town of San Gabriel in La Union lies the majestic Tangadan Falls. One would be in awe of its picturesque natural view with its cascading waterfalls as the highlight.

Trekkers and nature lovers have two ways to reach the falls. First is through a one-hour trek or through riding a car and after which is a 20-minute hike towards the falls. Either option would definitely lead to the 40-feet tall of cool, falling waters.

Exactly below the falls is a natural catch basin that is pool-like and it is perfect for swimming or a quick dip. Still, one cannot get enough off of the area as another equally attractive basin-like water area can provide tourists a calmer environment.

Siglat, San Gabriel!

The Tangadan Falls is being managed by the local government unit of San Gabriel. As welcoming as they are, the minimal entrance fee a tourist would pay will be in exchange of convenience and security.

There may be a mixture of beginners and trained hikers who visit the area, but for those who need tour guides, the LGU has accredited ones.  

Life jackets and lifeguards are also all around the place. Cottages are available for those who would enjoy sumptuous meals while inside the scenic area. Further, stores are also accessible which can provide for the basic needs of the tourists visiting the area.

The roads leading to the Tangadan Falls have also been developed through the assistance of concerned national government agencies.

Queen Catriona visits Tangadan Falls

Recently, no less than the most beautiful in the universe, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray visited the Tangadan Falls.

Accompanied by trained local tour guides, Catriona reached one of the popular tourist attractions in the province.

“It’s moments like these that I’m in awe of God’s creations,” she said on her social media post.

Indeed, Tangadan Falls has received a lot of praises from tourists, foreign and domestic alike.

But it shall continue.

With more developments and progress in the area and with the eased Alert Level System in La Union starting March, many are sure to flock and would make their way to see the Tangadan Falls, especially this summertime! (JCR/JPD, PIA La Union)

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