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Transforming gov't communication: A 6-year journey

The Philippine Information Agency (PIA), in the last six years, went through a lot of changes to finally achieve a transformed government communications system under the leadership of Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Secretary Jose Ruperto Martin Marfori Andanar.

To acknowledge this feat, the agency hosted a Townhall Meeting and Appreciation Program on Wednesday, April 6, for the good secretary.

Undersecretary Ramon L. Cualoping III, director-general of PIA, shared how Secretary Andanar played a vital role in PIA’s transformation, saying that over the past years, the Secretary has given much importance to the development of our beloved Philippine Information Agency.

“Now at the end of the administration of President Duterte and subsequently, the end of term of our beloved PCOO Secretary, we’ve seen the transformation of PIA,” Cualoping noted.

“We’ve seen how the regions have become more empowered. We’ve seen how the regions have become more financially sustainable. We’ve seen how the Central Office has become more professionalized,” the director general emphasized.

Meanwhile, Secretary Andanar shared how the transition plan in the government should be taken very seriously especially that the PIA has done a lot of things in the past six years.

He likewise stressed that the PIA personnel, during the transition, should be introduced to the right people, those who will not drop the ball when the crisis of communication arise.

"Thank you for working with me and bringing PIA to a higher level. The PIA has proven itself as a non-negotiable and indispensable agency and that PIA is among the go-tos if the national government needs support,” the secretary said.

On the other hand, while the secretary said that the PCOO has accomplished so much and has been successful in many endeavors with the innovations and initiatives in communication, he likewise acknowledged that there were failures along the way.

“I always allow failure because if you do not allow failure, tendency is people become scared to try. It’s normal to fail. Once you stop failing it means you stop trying, and when you continue to fail, the chances of succeeding or achieving is also there,” Andanar said.

Some employees of PIA also conveyed their gratitude to Secretary Andanar. Leonilo D. Lopido of PIA Region 8, who has been with the agency for 19 years said, “Your exceptional brand of leadership, your legacy, and significant accomplishments as the PCOO Secretary and as our leader, served as a foundation of the true meaning of public service.”

“You have portrayed to us the soul of real communicator, one who effects change and inspires everyone to innovate, empower, and shape one’s influence over the community especially in the grassroots and even with the challenges of the new normal setting,” Lopido added.

Since the Secretary’s leadership started in 2016, some 280 grateful employees of PIA secured their appointments, some of whom waited almost a lifetime for the much-coveted appointment and tenure.

This is also the first time a secretary convened all of his appointees to express his appreciation on everyone’s contribution to attain his vision for PIA. (MMP/GMT/PIA Samar)

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