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Women help their families rise from poverty

Three women braved the odds in applying for a job with the hope of helping their families rise above the financial crisis. They got more than what they wished for when they were Hired-on-The Spot (H.O.T.S.).

Danica Caña, together with college fresh graduates Eula Jane Papa and Miemie Tongson, joined 4,568 other applicants in the recent June 12 Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) Job and Business Fair at SM City Bacolod.

Only a chosen 178 applicants were fortunate to have been on the list of H.O.T.S.

With each having their own moving stories to tell as a result of the pandemic, they never expected to score a victory of sorts during the Philippines’ 124th Independence Day.

The good news came when they heard their names announced to have been already hired by a local employer.

“I can’t believe it!,” said Papa, barely in her 20s. She said she has no work experience yet and is a recent college graduate. 

A manpower agency will place her in office work. The job was an answered prayer as her mother is already bedridden and is undergoing dialysis.

Tongson, 22 years old, lost her mother to cancer when she was just 6 years old. Since then, her aunt took care of her.

Being among the H.O.T.S. applicant was a surprise as she was also a fresh graduate. In gratitude to her aunt, she will help in buying maintenance medicine for hypertension and diabetes with her salary.

Her employment came in time for the impending off-season work in the sugar mill where her father works.

She stands on a saying that has helped her deal with the harsh realities of life “If no one believes in you, believe in yourself.” 

Caña, 25 years old, shares a different story as a mother of a child. She lost her job during the pandemic and hasn’t found one ever since. Employment was hard to come by with the prevailing national health emergency situation. 

She shares a house with her parents who are also unemployed and are in their advanced years. It is only her husband who earns from home-based work.

Danica is full of dreams for the good future of her child, helping her parents and siblings. As a H.O.T.S. applicant, she said she will treasure her work and do whatever her employers tell her for the good of the company.

The quest for freedom continues in the veins of these women, keeping alive the hope that someday, their families will be free from the shackles of poverty. (AAL/Lljr/PIA6 Negros Occidental)

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