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Finding home in an installed artidote in North Surfing Spot

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a labyrinth with nowhere to run while finding yourself?
Move mindfully along the single path as you reach the ongoing construction of a mythical spaceship situated along the seaboards of San Juan, La Union – the Mebuyan’s Vessel.
The Mebuyan’s Vessel, which was created in 2021, is a large-scale enchanted art installation by a well-known international visual and contemporary artist-designer named Leeroy New.
It is also a public art installation inspired by Bagobo mythology and honors the ancient spirit of the divine feminine, named Mebuyan, the goddess of death and fertility in Filipino culture and tradition.

The Mebuyan’s Vessel which was created in 2021 is a large-scale enchanted art installation by a well-known international visual and contemporary artist-designer named Leeroy New.

The spaceship-like masterpiece is both a sculpture and breathtaking docufiction which aims to challenge the La Union locals in distinguishing what is alien in and around them, so they can once again find their way back home.
“The vessel which is composed of 21 pods wasn’t made to be a tourist attraction but rather, a place wherein people from different walks of life could enjoy the ecstatic beauty of vessel, enjoy the sunset, enjoy chatting and seeing different works of art,” said Ms. Ea Torrado, one of the team producers of Mebuyan’s Vessel’s film, in an interview with PIA.
Also, she said, Mr. New used discarded materials and turned them into costumes, furniture, different designs, and a big public art installation.
Moreover, the art installation’s existence inspires the local community to see it’s possible to make something out of what we already have, which is discarded materials, wastes, and recycled plastics.
“Makakatulong po ito sa local community ng La Union dahil makikita nila na merong umuusbong na artistic practice Rito at panahon ito ngayon para ang local artists ay  mag-collaborate para gumawa ng mga pyesa at kung ano pa man na pwedeng magbuklod sa lahat,” said Torrado.
She added, “Leeroy worked with an amazing architect to assure the public that it will be really built well because unlike the other installations that we had, this is not standing on cement or on concrete, but rather on sand.”
In addition, some of the pods showcase photographs created by artists from the different parts of the Philippines that depict their connection to water and the island.
“The arts are very healing as they portray human experiences,” said Torrado.
If you wish to be a contributor of cleaned used plastic bottles and containers which will be used as media to decorate the spaceship, you can drop them off on the Mebuyan site.
As you search for this masterpiece, I hope it will help you find your home. (JCR/AMB/KJCR/PIA La Union)

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