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Simple ways to spend time with family

The foundation of society is the family. Filipinos have a strong attachment to their families since they value their families' presence above everything else.

The Filipino family is considered exemplary because of the values of close family ties, solidarity, respect, religiosity, and affection for the aged.

A sense of pride is also often instilled in them each time they talk about their own respective families. 

For these reasons, every last week of September has been declared in the Philippines as "National Family Week."

The theme for this year is “Urbanisasyon at Pamilyang Pilipino: Magka-agapay sa Pagpapatibay at Pagpapaunlad ng Bansa.” The Philippine Government and various churches celebrate the week-long celebration, which calls for making a conscious effort to spend time with family and strengthen connections.

In line with promoting the event, here are some simple ways you can spend quality time with your family:

1. Eat at least one meal together.

When you have a meal together as a family, you get to know how each family member's day went, or they may tell their concerns or problems they may have had while you were away.

2. Put mobile phones aside.

Spending quality time is the goal when you are with your loved ones. Set aside your mobile phones or gadgets first, and refrain from answering calls from work. 

3. Help your children with their assignments.

You will discover their weaknesses and strengths by helping them with their assignments. Spending time with your children can help them feel more confident as well. They will be more willing to confront their weaknesses and school-related anxieties if you are at their side.

4. Do house chores together.

Doing house chores may not sound enjoyable, but it can be fun when done as a family. You may redesign your home or clear out the waste. You'll be happy to learn that you worked hard and enjoyed time with your loved ones.

5. Take trips together.

They say traveling teaches children the importance of making memories and enjoying experiences, rather than wanting material possessions. Family adventures also promote independence, self-confidence and interpersonal skills.

Family travel may include many types of traveling parties, including but not limited to spouses traveling with children, married couples traveling together, grandparents traveling with grandchildren, single parents with children, reunion-goers, siblings with relatives and more.

Even though the National Family Week only runs from September 26 to October 2 this year, create memories by spending time with them daily, and never take your family members for granted.

Spending time with your family is a privilege rather than a duty. It is a gift to have individuals in your life who genuinely love you. (PIA-NCR)

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