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Bridging academic hiatus of a young dreamer

Can you still remember how the Little Prince hooked one’s heart as he reminded to look up at the stars?

Stars mean different things to different people. 

For travellers, stars tell them where they are and what road to cross while for others, they are just little lights in the sky. 

But all stars stay silent.  And to every young learner? They see the stars like dreams and high hopes to be achieved. 

But in order for them to see the afterglow called success, one must unlock the door of learning — the room of inclusive education.

Inclusive education means every child has the right to quality education in a school that is close to their home and in a class that suits their age.

However, not everyone is given the chance to reach the finish line of their studies without barriers due to financial, health, and personal problems that might force them to stop schooling.

Before, learners would have no choice but to catch up on the years they spent away from school once they have resumed their schooling.

But through the Department of Education’s aim to nurture competent lifelong learners, the innovation of one its programs called “Philippine Educational Placement Test” (PEPT) was implemented. 

The DepEd’s PEPT seeks to evaluate student’s competency in five core subjects particularly English, Filipino, Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies — in accordance to their age.

And this program gives hope to young constituents of the province of La Union to continue learning.

Zhoushana Athens Viena Nuval, a Grade 1 pupil of Bacnotan Central School in Bacnotan, La Union, is a studious one who is accelerated to Grade 5 through the Philippine Education Placement Test (PEPT).

Zhoushana Athens Viena C. Nuval, is a 10-year-old Grade 1 pupil of Bacnotan Central School, who passed the PEPT and accelerated from Grade 1 to Grade 5.

“Nung nagkaroon po ng information yung ating senior specialists doon sa La Union Schools Division Office na merong placement test para sa mga batang hindi suited doon sa grade level nila like Zhoushana, dahil 10 years old na siya, dapat nasa Grade 5 na siya and ang ginawa namin ay nirecommend namin siya for a placement test. Magregister po siya sa mga procedures na dapat sundin para siya po ay makapag-exam,” Cristeta Badua, school head of Bacnotan Central School, explained

She narrated, “Ang tinake niyang exam ay for Grades 2, 3, and 4. Dapat maipasa niya lahat ng subject areas para ma-accelerate siya sa Grade 5. After the exam, nagrequest kami ng certificate of rating. And, first time in the history of our school and Bacnotan as a whole dahil  lahat ng subject areas ay naipasa niya lahat. And some of the subject areas kasi, mayroon siyang 100% na grade.”

Cristeta Badua, school principal of Bacnotan Central School expresses her support programs that target the improvement of the learning capacity of all learners within the school holistically.

Through the continued guidance and support of the school , Zhushana was able to surpass the roller coaster-like sets of examinations.

Minda Monis, Grade 1 school adviser and Zhushana’s mentor, pours tears of joy as she expresses how proud she is because of her pupil’s achievement.

As the school head mentioned, Monis has a positive outlook in order for her pupils to be inspired.

“Super proud po ako sa kanya, ma’am, kasi parang ako na yung mother niya dahil mula umpisa talagang ginuide ko na siya. So, after ng second quarter, ita-transfer na siya sa Grade 5,” said Monis.

Like Zhushana, young learners should be lifted in every educator’s arms like they are the most delicate treasures and set them off on their way to success.

Truly, the important things in the life of every young learner are the words of encouragement and patience from teachers and these will serve as their torch in reaching their dreams like stars in the sky.  (JCR/MJTAB/KCR PIA La Union)

Minda Monis, Grade 1 class adviser of Bacnotan Central School, shows her dedication in nurturing her learners to become better.

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