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Purpose driven passion

Kuya Koi has a passion for wireless telegraphy. The 50-year old engineer from Ivisan town is a telecommunication's tower maintenance and troubleshooter.

It was during the pandemic's lockdowns and quarantines that brought to life his interest on wireless transmission as he set up a frequency modulation community radio for emergency broadcast operations in 2020.

A screenshot of a Facebook Live video recording of the station's booth using an application's 'green screen effect.

The booth of a 100-watt station named "Alright Arriba" is established at an estimated 6 - square meter room in the third floor of his residence.

It resembles a simple set up of a commercial radio station with its home-made transmitter, audio mixer, sound effects console, desktop computer, microphones, headphones and speaker monitors, among others.

"We only play light and religious music and some inspirational messages," he said, adding that the station promotes the municipality as a home to various tourist attractions and peace loving people.

On some occasions, Kuya Koi also goes “on air" along with some local disc jockeys who maintain a timeslot at the station.

But, Alright Arriba has evolved into more than just a hobby when the station has become a medium for Radio Based Instruction (RBI) of the Department of Education in Ivisan town.

A certificate of recognition from the Department of Education (DepEd) for its contribution to RBI in town is noticeably displayed at the booth.

The local government unit of Ivisan town is also working out to utilize the low-power radio facility to disseminate its programs, projects and activities through the airwaves.

“I am happy that I can help the government in its advocacy so that the people may know what is up for them from the LGU,” he noted.

The community radio has been operating on a test broadcast for about two years.

Since then, the station is a proof and reminder for Kuya Koi that a heart’s desire are not just far-off, impractical wishes and impossible hopes.

For him, it will come its way through time, pure intentions and an inspiration that fuels the passion.

Note: Kua Koi requested that his real name be withheld as he just wanted to offer help, in a way he can, anonymously. (JBG/AAL/PIA Capiz)

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