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Explore Naguilian, La Union newest tourist spots

Naguilian, throughout the years, has always been one of the province's most beautiful town with unique attractions. Known not only as the home of Basi in the province of La Union, but also a home of beautiful tourist spots. 

In fact, the town proudly presents their new tourist spots that include the newly built Dinosaur and Bougainville Park which is located behind the Epic Mall in Barangay Ortiz. A perfect hang-out place, especially for a family who has kids because they will surely enjoy the view of the big dinosaur sculptures surrounded by bougainvillea plants.

Food stalls are also located nearby where visitors can try and enjoy the local products of Naguilian.

The Dinosaur Park situated behind Epic Mall in barangay Ortiz, Naguilian, La Union

Located just a few meters away from the Dinosaur and Bougenvilla Park, then Naguilian/Balili River, now Baraoas Rock Formation continuously wows the people with its clean water and beautiful rock formation.

With its amazing landscape of natural rock formations, it became the most favorite place for pictorials and sight-seeing.

It is in fact again the 2023 entry of Naguilian for the best body of water in the province of La Union.

The Baraoas Rock Formation of Barangay Baraoas Sur, Naguilian, La Union

Another place to visit is the L and D Citrus farm located in Naguilian Municipal Agricultural Complex. It is the pioneering lemon farm in the province where you can see a hectare of Japanese green lemon plants. A place where you can buy fresh lemons and where you can experience lemon picking as well.

They also sell lemon concentrate which every drop comes from their organic lemon fruit- lovingly grown and handpicked in the farm.

Aside from that, as a proof of the town’s development, another branch of Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University (DMMMSU), the East Campus, is built which increased the number of visitors.

Indeed, the municipality of Naguilian continuously works on its mission to improve and sustain the self-sufficient quality of life of all Naguilianons through the application of modern agricultural and industrial technologies and the optimum utilization of indigenous and other resources.

The town’s mission is also in line with the provincial vision to make La Union the heart of Agri-tourism in Northern Luzon by 2025. (JCR/MJTAB/KDM/PIA Region 1)

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