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Make everyday a fire prevention day for a fire-safe community - BFP

As the weather grows hotter, risk and even impacts of fire hazards grows higher.

According to the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), the record of fire incidents, which destroy properties and even take the lives of people, is at its highest during the warm season in our country.

Every year, fire prevention is being observed in the Philippines during the month of March as it showed the highest record of fire incidents nationwide.

BFP said the observation aims to increase fire safety consciousness and remind people to be cautious and responsible at home and in the workplace.

However, the warm season or even the month of March should not be the only time that people should think of fire-safety, because even in wet season, fire incidents also happen.

According to Chief Insp. Jun Eland Wanawan, officer-in-charge provincial fire marshal of BFP Pangasinan fire safety should be practiced by everybody every day.

During the “Pantongtongan Tayo” program of PIA Pangasinan, Wanawan said “Fire safety is everyone’s concern, that is why every day should be fire prevention day for every Filipino not only during the warm season.

Reminding the public, Wanawan said Filipinos should always be on guard and take necessary safety and prevention against destructive fire in their households, schools, workplaces and communities.

Wanawan said in order to prevent potential fires, the public should practice and remember the following fire prevention and  safety tips:

  • Dispose flammable materials properly and always keep flammable items out of children’s reach.
  • Never leave your kitchen while cooking.
  • Dispose cigarette butts properly and always keep your place clean at all times.
  • Regularly check the electrical installation in their homes and workplaces and have their damaged electrical wirings and electrical fixtures be repaired or changed by a licensed electrician.
  • Practice to unplug any unused appliances.
  • Avoid electrical circuits overload by putting additional lights and appliances and stop illegal electrical connection.
  • Switch off liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tank’ regulator when not in use. Place LPG tanks in a well-ventilated space.
  • Avoid using substandard appliances. When buying appliances, always check the quality mark or sticker to ensure that the product passed the quality standard testing.
  • Learn your building's emergency evacuation plan. Make a home escape plan that includes it. Practice the plan with everyone in your household.
  • Save the numbers of fire departments in phones and call for firefighters immediately in case of fire.

In case of fire, Wanawan also advised the public to call BFP “immediately."

“Panawagan po namin na sana kahit maliit pa ang sunog ay tumawag na po sila agad sa fire station, hindi kung kailan malaki na ang sunog. Nang sa ganun ay mas maiwasan ang pagkalat ng apoy at marami pang maisalba,” he said.

In making prank calls, Wanawan also reminded the public that giving false or malicious fire alarms may cause panic. He said it is also a prohibited act under Republic Act No. 9514, so anyone caught doing prank fire alarms will be punished.

As the theme for this year’s celebration says, “Sa Pag-iwas sa Sunog Hindi Ka Nag-iisa”, the BFP urged all members of the communities to work together hand-in-hand in preventing fire incidents by practicing fire safety measures as a yearlong endeavor. 

Always be proactive and cautious with fire. Starting today, let's blaze the way, to keep the blaze away. (JCR/MJTAB/EMSA/PIA-1, Pangasinan)

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