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Cleantramuros: A step towards recreating the Walled City through a community-based restoration

One of the oldest districts in Manila City, Intramuros proved itself as an immovable fortress that defended itself against both human interventions and natural calamities for almost 400 years.

Built on a distinctive 5 km long circuit of massive fortifications that surrounds the entire district, Intramuros is famous for being a must-visit tourist spot that holds numerous sightings like Fort Santiago and Museums like Casa Manila and San Agustin Museum.

However, like any district in Manila and other cities, Intramuros is home to many residents as well as supporting many establishments such as schools, government agencies, private companies, public and private institutions, restaurants among others, and shows that Intramuros is a living and breathing community despite being a historical tourist attraction.

As a community and a heritage district, residents and all other establishments should maintain cleanliness among its sites and places of interests to keep the walled city safe and in proper order. The idea paved its way in creating a community-driven project named as “Cleantramuros”.

“Cleantramuros” aims to what its name implies – a clean Intramuros. A task which seems easy on practice, however, needs multiple assistances from various sectors that care for famous historical foundation.

Using the Intramuros Administration’s hashtag #WeAreIntramuros, reflects on the community’s commitment and determination in preserving the cleanliness and restoration of the Walled city. Afterall, the Filipino people, regardless of district limitations, is the face of Intramuros and it is our job to keep the city clean and in order for the future.

Interested parties are invited to register online through Walk ins in March 17 at 4 pm in Plaza Roma are also welcome to join the event. The Intramuros Administration is also requesting for the donation of cleaning materials such as brooms, dustpans, gloves, and garbage bags to help sustain the project. Volunteers will be given a free tour after the clean-up drive as a reward for their participation.

For more information or inquiries on Cleantramuros, please contact the Urban Planning and Community Development Division of the Intramuros Administration through or 09171889951, 85272811 or 85270420. (pia-ncr)

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