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KALAHI-CIDSS: Babae Ka, Hindi Babae Lang

The women of KALAHI-CIDSS are not just breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes, they are literally constructing buildings and implementing projects that alleviate poverty in their respective communities.

The Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan–Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (KALAHI-CIDSS) celebrates and empowers women by providing them with opportunities to actively participate in decision-making processes and leadership roles in their communities.

Based on the DSWD Accomplishment Report in 2022, out of the 15,813 community volunteers trained in Community-Driven Development, 60% or 9,522 were women. In terms of paid labor jobs in KALAHI-CIDSS, 36% were accessed by women. Additionally, according to the Project Implementation Management System (PIMS) API generator as of 11 November 2022, the program achieved a 77.67% participation rate of women in Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction Management Committee (BDRRMC) meetings, which surpassed the 65% target set for the region.

We honor their remarkable achievements who have proven time and again that they can do anything men can, and more.

Through the use of the Community-Driven Development (CDD) approach, women are given a voice and a platform to express their opinions and concerns and to contribute to the development of their communities. KALAHI-CIDSS recognizes that women have unique perspectives and experiences that are valuable in creating sustainable and effective solutions to poverty.

The KALAHI-CIDSS is a strong advocate of women’s rights and works to support women’s health and well-being. This program specifically promotes maternal and child health and provides women with access to healthcare services and facilities.

To every woman who has had to fight for her voice to be heard, for her achievements to be recognized, and for her dreams to be realized – you are a true wonder woman. You are powerful, resilient, and inspiring, and you have the capacity to make a tremendous impact on the world.

And to every ally who has stood by a woman’s side, advocating for her rights and lifting her up when she needed it most – you are a hero. Your support and encouragement have helped pave the way for women to achieve greatness, and we are so grateful for everything you do.

Together with KALAHI-CIDSS, let’s keep pushing for progress and equality until every woman has the chance to reach her full potential and soar. Babae ka, hindi babae lang! Happy Women’s Month. (DSWD MIMAROPA)

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Gene Ace Sapit

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Region 4B

Ace Sapit is an information officer and multimedia artist whose practices ranges from art direction, video editing and social media handling of the Philippine Information Agency Mimaropa's social media accounts.

Before he started entering government office, Ace got a bachelor's degree in Broadcast Communication from Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Manila.


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