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Words of gratitude as a PIA intern

I am grateful for being an intern, a graduating student, a mother and a wife.

Upon searching for companies where I can send my application for internship, I got a lot of recommendations from my colleagues to choose the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Camarines Sur. They said being an intern here would really expose me to the field of media, and what it really feels like to work as a media practitioner.

It feels like a calling to me to be working here as an intern for I have previously prayed to God to put me to a place where I can improve my skills in communication, and to lead me to people who can contribute to my growth as a better individual.

My life as an intern started at 5 o’clock in the morning – prepared breakfast for my kids and ran regular morning routines, travelled from my hometown, Pili, to Naga City. I would arrive at 6 o’clock in the evening and would not rest yet until I washed the laundry from a full basket.

Later in a day, I also cook, clean the house, finish my thesis and look after my children. These are the things I juggle, just as business as usual.

An interview with Parole and Probation Administration Regional Office 5 Regional Director Amy Helconida H. Sarmiento during the distribution of livelihood carts to 12 probationers in Camarines Sur on March 2, 2023 at the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) Region 5 grounds, Naga City.

A graduating student: Internship + Thesis

I am a graduating AB Journalism student from Ateneo De Naga University. I was able to manage the pressure and comply what is required of me, graciously despite my hectic schedule both at home and  in the workplace, 

There are times that I feel like I can’t do it anymore. I know that some people have huge expectation on me because I am already a mother. For me, just a thought of resting or relaxing is something I don’t deserve. I know that I have different roles to do but I also get drained at times.

Despite that, I am humbly thankful that I get to work with Ma’am Lizel, Ma’am Jam and Ma’am Keren at PIA Camarines Sur. They indeed set a good example of a true leader.

For me, it was a dream came true. Ma’am Ana-Liza S. Macatangay is known for her writing prowess and integrity as a media practitioner. I wasn’t surprised at all – the moment that we’ve meet, I could sense that she is the best. In spite of her busy schedules at work, she can still manage everything including her life as a Philippine Red Cross Volunteer, an educator, a mother and a wife.

Ma’am Keren Bernadas and Ma’am Jam Madrid, on the other hand, were good motivators too. They were in charge of the interns at the office who coach, teach and provide supports for us. They’ve really push me to positively and creatively work hard – to create and write newsworthy articles, improve my writing skills, develop my reporting voice in broadcasting, to help in disseminating facts about the government and its projects for the Filipinos, to make friends and balance at work.

From news gathering, interviews, press cons and events, writing, broadcasting and more, they are 100% working as a team to produce something and make it successful.

Photo Ops || With other co-interns, Grade 12 students from Camaligan National High School (CNHS) at the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Provincial Office, Firande Square Bldg., Concepcion Pequeña, Naga City || Keren Bernadas (PIA), 2nd from left; PIA Region 5 Deputy Regional Head/ PIA CamSur Provincial Head Lizel Macatangay (3rd from left); PIA Information Officer Jam Madrid (far left, back row) ; Lynne Borre, the author (foreground) , all the rest are Camaligan NHS interns

Being a mother and a wife

At the age of 21, I became a mother with my eldest child. At that time, I was a 3rd year college student. The year after, I got married but I had to stop studying to take care of my baby.

Though young, I learned to embrace the responsibility of having my own family, with laughter and tears.

This leads me a chance to impart some pieces of advice to younger co-inters about marriage and parenting – they come with sacrifices and obligations that may take one’s personal happiness a cost. These are important things that their generation should prepare for particularly in financial, emotional, physical and spiritual aspect.

Being a parent is not easy. I see my kids growing every single day and their needs expand and complicate as well. Every child has the right to health, education, family life, play and recreation, an adequate standard of living and to be protected from abuse or any harm, and I am obliged to provide it to them.

These are the reasons why I stepped up being a parent; I decided to finish my studies in college. It will benefit not just me but it is for my children’s future too. I believe I can give them a meaningful life by sending them to school that would help them grow and learn, giving them basic needs such as food and water, a simple home that will protect them from the heat of the sun and rain, and the life that they deserve. In our world today, I wasn’t able to do that if I don’t have a degree and a stable job. How can I fulfill my obligation as a parent then?

As a wife, I ensure my husband that he always have my back and support to his plans for us. Inside six years of being couple, we also have our ups and downs in our relationship. We had faced some of the most difficult situations that we encounter but I always wish and pray to God that it won’t happen again.

In marriage, you always have to compromise, forgive each other, to trust and to choose your partner every day. To make the relationship last it requires a lot of sacrifices and one advice that I can give is to never stop praying to God; for He listens and make every impossible to possible.

I will surely treasure the lessons and memories that I have with them in my heart. It was an unforgettable experience that made my life as an intern, student, mom and a wife more meaningful and happier than ever.

If given a chance, who knows someday, I will definitely come back not as an intern but to apply as an employee of the Philippine Information Agency.

Mula sa PIA Camarines Sur, ito po si Danilyn Borre, nagpapasalamat

***Danilyn Borre is an ADNU student who serves as an intern at PIA Camarines Sur for 300 hours

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