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Surviving the Test of Times through Passion and Collaboration

Even when a child is still in his mother's womb, he is already protected. The moment he is born and grows as an adult, before the moment he loses strength or sense of sight, before his hair turns gray, or even in his last breath, his rights and privileges are ensured. This is called social protection.

Just recently, on its 72nd Anniversary, the Department of Social Welfare and Development  (DSWD) Regional Office 2 through its "Panagyaman 2022" (thanksgiving) has recognized the contributions of local government units (LGUs), national government agencies (NGAs), civil society organizations (CSOs), academe, DSWD-led organizations and individuals that have greatly contributed to the implementation of the department's programs and services.

DSWD recognizes the vital role of LGUs in the impelementation of social services to the communities.

"The pandemic has made it difficult for us to deliver the needed social services for our people but we made it," Regional Director Lucia Suyu Alan said,

"This is because of pooling our resources and manpower together", she added.

LGUs played vital role for the continuity of the department's programs, projects and activities as well as private organizations and individuals who have been with the department at the time when many people are desperate because of the impact of the pandemic in their lives and livelihood.

Donations of goods and hygiene kits during the pandemic were helpful to familes who were affected by the global pandemic. That is why, the contributions of said organizations and individuals were highly recognized by the agency.

Individual controbitutions made the delivery of social services even better as stressed in Director Alan's speech.

For Matet with three school children and whose husband work as an extra in a instruction site, the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS) given during the pandemic had somehow helped them survive in the most crucial times.

For Lolo Victor, the social pension he received every quarter has sustained their basic necessities. It's good that he has a lot of vegetables in his garden to support their day-to-day needs.

For Vanessa, she was worried of the internet connectivity expenses for her children's online learning activities but she is thankful to the educational assistance for indigent students given by the department.

These are just few of the services made possible and delivered not only by the passionate social workers but also of  the different stakeholders.

While delivering social services is a combination of  passion and call of duty, the fulfillment it brings to one who loves to reach out is something immeasurable.

Imagine for a social worker to be on his post in the midst of disaster while he cannot secure his own family, a student, in her own limited capacity can reach out to the needy, a private organization or individual to volunteer in medical an legal services, and work with the department to reach out the people in poverty stricken communities.

During the most difficult times, uniformed personnel were not just for peace and order, they were engaged to in humanitarian services and their contribution is worthy of recognition.

Imagine the uniformed personal  - the PNP, AFP, Philippine Maritime, the Coastguard even BFP carrying boxes of relief goods for  distribution to the different parts of the region.

All these are beyond their duties as public servants but they love to do it because of passion and service to humanity.

Thanks to DSWD for seeing these efforts. While some do  not really need these recognitions, the gesture serves as inspiration for the young and for everyone.

"DSWD is greatly honored for there are good Samaritans around augmenting the resources and manpower of the government to make life easier during difficult times," Alan said.

Kudos to the selfless love of all DSWD employees, to those that keep serving others at the expense of forgetting their meal time and sometimes - themselves.

As DSWD celebrates its 72nd year of service,  may every social worker and those whose passion is to serve, keep the spirit of "malasakit" alive. (OTB/GVB/PIA Cagayan) 

As always, PIA 2, one of the recipients of the Panagyaman Award, assures its commitment to DSWD in helping the agency bring to the public its programs to make a change in their lives.

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