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Delight your mind and your taste buds, visit DOST NCR's Science Food Festival

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It's time to celebrate Metro Manila's culinary diversity.

Did you know? That there is an eagerly anticipated food festival that has successfully brought together the National Capital Region's culinary enthusiasts, innovative chefs, local producers, and science advocates in a celebration of flavors, sustainability, and cultural exchange.

With its diverse range of food offerings, this exceptional culinary extravaganza dubbed, "Science Food Festival in Metro Manila" is an annual event that puts emphasis on local produce, integration of scientific advancements, and community engagement.

Through the years, the festival has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on both attendees and the thriving culinary landscape of the region.

Organized by the Department of Science and Technology - National Capital Region (DOST-NCR), the up-and-coming Food Fiesta is anchored on the theme "Kain Tayo sa Science Food Festival: Exploring the Science of Pinoy Food in the Metro."

Promoting Local Produce and Sustainable Practices

The DOST NCR Food Festival will highlight the importance of supporting local farmers and sustainable agricultural practices. By collaborating with local producers and suppliers, the festival aims to highlight the abundant resources available in the region and help encourage attendees to make informed choices about the ingredients they consume.

Marrying Science and Gastronomy

The DOST NCR Food Festival will also showcase the vital role of science and technology in the culinary world. Various booths and exhibits will display innovative techniques and tools used in food preparation, preservation, and safety. Attendees will also have the opportunity to witness live demonstrations of the science of gastronomy, food fermentation, and modern cooking equipment, among others.

Moreover, informative seminars and panel discussions will be conducted by experts in food science and nutrition, shedding light on the health benefits of different ingredients and debunking common misconceptions. This intersection of science and gastronomy will not only enhance the overall festival experience, but also inspire attendees to explore new culinary possibilities.

Community Engagement and Cultural Exchange

Beyond its gastronomic offerings, the DOST NCR Food Festival will likewise foster a sense of community and cultural exchange. Interactive activities like hands-on food preparation and cooking, in addition to food tasting have been included to bring people together, and encourage participants to share their passion for food and learn from one another.

The festival will also promote inclusivity by offering a platform for micro and small-scale entrepreneurs, providing them with an opportunity to showcase their culinary skills and gain exposure in the vibrant food scene of the National Capital Region.

This year's event, which will be held from May 26 – 28 at the Eastwood Central Plaza, Quezon City, is in partnership with Megaworld Corp. and its campaign "Tara, Pasyal Na!"

A Showcase of Flavors

The DOST NCR Food Festival will be a vibrant melting pot of culinary experiences, featuring a wide array of food stalls, cooking demonstrations, and interactive workshops. Renowned chefs from various backgrounds will be sharing their expertise, creating a unique opportunity for attendees to explore the region's diverse food culture.

From traditional Filipino favorites to fusion dishes inspired by international cuisines, the festival will cater to every palate. Visitors will also be treated to an eclectic mix of mouthwatering offerings and innovative creations that will not only delight the taste buds but also showcased the boundless creativity of local chefs.

Don't miss out. (PIA-NCR)

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