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Cycling made safer and fun this World Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day is celebrated every 3rd day of June.

Using a bicycle is actually good for one's wallet, too as it is an inexpensive and indeed a reliable way to get to the places one wants to go. 

Similarly, regular physical activity such as running, jumping, and cycling has a significant impact on everybody's overall health.

Cycling for one, is an easy and fast method to shed those pounds if you are into cardio exercises.

It almost works out every part of your body, therefore, your body is put to work making it easy to lose weight.

Not only cycling is good for your health but it is also good for the environment. How? It does not emit any kind of smoke because the only way for your bike to start moving is through your sheer physical strength.

Some progressive countries are even pushing cycling as the main mode of transportation to lessen congestion on the streets and lessen the impact of air pollution in the ozone layer.

Cycling is fun, but it can be more enjoyable if you do it with your friends while exploring areas you aren't familiar with.

But how about safety? Sure, cycling can be fun, but there are numerous hazards on the streets that can hit you anytime. So, what should you do as a cyclist in order to prepare before riding in that saddle? Here are some tips to make your cycling a fun and safe activity: First, you should always wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet. Take note of the words “properly fitted,” meaning it shouldn’t be loose or ill-fitting. Helmets 9 out of 10 times protect our brain from crashes, and having a properly fitting helmet ensures that.

Second, check your equipment and your ride. A rule of thumb before cycling is to always check if your brakes are working, it would be hazardous if you are speeding down the highway and you suddenly realize that your brakes aren’t working. Also, bring bicycle tools with you, especially if you are riding alone, this can be a lifesaver if ever there are small malfunctions in your ride that needs a quick fix.

Third, wear bright-colored clothing in order for you to be seen on the road. Bright-colored clothes can be easily spotted.

Lastly, always be on your toes, look for potholes, pedestrians, or animals that can cause mishaps on the road. Always focus your eyesight on the road and never take them off. A split second away from it can mean serious accidents.

These are just some of the basic tips that I, as a cyclist can give you if you want to enjoy your ride.  All those who are enticed or want to start cycling as a hobby will be in for a treat, it has lots of benefits and you’d be able to appreciate nature a lot more when you are into cycling. But always remember that safety comes first! Happy World Bicycle Day! (JJGS/PIA Mimaropa-Ormin)

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