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This Transformative Project Empowers the Nation's Youth

A transformative project relaunched by the Quezon City (QC) government, in partnership with Junior Chamber International (JCI) QC Capitol and the Department of Education (DepEd), empowers the youth and provides young individuals with the essential knowledge and skills for their journey into leadership.

Called "IGNITE 2023: The Learner Leadership Conference" held on August 26, 2023 at the Lukresia R. Kasilag Senior High School in Quezon City, the main objective of the IGNITE 2023 conference is to pave the way for a brighter and more progressive future for the country. The event is designed to improve the general welfare of learners, emphasizing the critical role that young leaders play in influencing the educational environment and society at large.

Photos from JCI QC Capitol's Facebook Page

The event's 63 Presidents of the Quezon City Division Federation of Supreme Secondary Learner Government (SSLG) were at the heart. These energetic young leaders enthusiastically participated in the conference and were prepared with various competencies to serve as the foundation for their future leadership interests. The competencies included a wide range of critical skills, all aimed at helping these young leaders make a meaningful and enduring impact:

1.  Basic Principles of Leadership: Recognizing that leadership is a journey rather than a destination, the SSLG Presidents were led through the core characteristics of effective leadership that would guide them to becoming dynamic and impactful leaders.

2. Project Management: Recognizing that lasting change often requires collaborative efforts, participants were given the knowledge and resources to develop, implement, and manage efforts that made a real difference in their schools and communities.

3. Communicating Effectively: It is the foundation of leadership. Participants got the chance to develop empathic and impactful communication skills, essential for leaders to inspire and encourage others while promoting a supportive environment.

4. Parliamentary Processes: Another essential training component was understanding the complex details of parliamentary processes. These young leaders will be more prepared to influence good changes through well-structured decision-making processes by gaining knowledge of the mechanics of well-organized and effective meetings.

5. New Interim Guidelines Orientation: Keeping up with the most recent regulations is more than necessary in an age where student government plays a crucial part in determining the educational experience. The orientation aims to provide the understanding and information needed to properly comprehend, interpret, and apply the new interim standards.

Photos from JCI QC Capitol's Facebook Page

The event served as a reminder that supporting youth development now will ensure a bright future. Through programs like IGNITE 2023, the leadership torch is passed on to the following generation, ensuring they are ready to lead, innovate, and improve society.

IGNITE is a training program initiative of JCI QC Capitol. The collaborative efforts between the Government and non-government organizations (NGO) demonstrated a commitment to developing the abilities of young people and directing their energies toward positive and transformational actions. These partners showed their faith in the power of leadership, education, and teamwork to create a better future for the country and the city through IGNITE 2023. (PIA-NCR)

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