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DSWD Kalahi CIDSS in San Andres: Empowering Communities for a Brighter Future

Barangay Matutuna Councilor Sonny Vicente received acclaim for his dedication to improved local governance during the Bayani Ka Award 2023 on September 7. (Photo by Paul Jaysent Fos/PIA Romblon)

With every stride in strengthening government, comes the promise of a brighter future. This has been the collective aspiration of Barangay Matutuna Councilor Sonny Vicente.

During the Bayani Ka Award 2023, Vicente received acclaim for his dedication to improved local governance.

In his talk on Thursday, September 7, during the CDD (Community-Driven Development) Talk forum, Vicente said that a society with equal opportunities for all, progress, and accountability from its leaders.

"We must press forward and delve into the foundations of essential contextual governance through CDD," according to Vicente.

He shared three building blocks of good governance that aim to help communities become more resilient, just, and accountable in their actions.

Transparency and Accountability: Through clear and open communication with community members and by ensuring they have adequate knowledge about CDD funds and projects, these efforts pave the way for proper accountability and trust between citizens and leaders.
Local Participation: Local leaders and citizens have vital roles and responsibilities in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of projects. Their presence and participation give voice to decisions, ensuring that the community's represented needs are more accurately addressed, and strengthening their sense of ownership in the projects.
Empowerment and Capability Building: Providing the right education equips individuals with the ability to manage their projects effectively. Offering sufficient skills to community members strengthens their capabilities and quality to become effective leaders. In the context of CDD, KALAHI-CIDSS serves as an exemplary program that strengthens these building blocks.
"As we continue to explore these foundations, we reinforce the groundwork for sound governance that empowers communities and fosters growth, ultimately leading to a more resilient and prosperous future," the official said.

Vicente said that the latest project of DSWD Kalahi CIDSS in their barangay is the evacuation center that the community can use in case of emergency. (PJF/PIA Mimaropa - Romblon)

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