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Eerie extravaganza: Baroy's spooktacular halloween costume party

Over 100 participants, including children and adults here, paraded in the streets in a spine-chilling Halloween costume party organized by the local government in its second year.

The event featured a range of creative and eerie costumes, with characters from horror films and Philippine folklore, such as the Corpse Bride, Valak from "The Nun," Sadako from "The Ring," and Tiyanak from Philippine folklore, making chilling appearances.

Mayor Grelina Mantohac-Lim emphasized that the event is primarily for the children, to make them and their parents happy. Dressed in a radiant fairy costume with a heartwarming "I Love Baroy" message etched on a heart-shaped prop, she passionately implored the community to unite and pursue their shared path to prosperity.

"Sa mga residente sa Baroy, hinaot ang tanan magkahiusa. Magpadayon lang ta sa atong tumong nga maasenso jud ta. Kinahanglan down-to-earth, happy ug relax lang ta [To the residents of Baroy, I hope that everyone will be united. Let's continue to pursue our goal of prospering together. We need to stay down-to-earth, be happy, and relax],” she said.

The highlight of the evening was the costume competition, where participants showcased their creativity and attention to detail. Winners received cash prizes.

Over 100 participants, including children and adults in Baroy, Lanao del Norte, parade in the streets in a spine-chilling Halloween Costume Party organized by the local government. (ADD/PIA-10/Lanao del Norte)

Children’s delight

For the kids' category, four winners were selected for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place. 1st-place winners received P1,500 each, P1,000 for 2nd-place winners, and P500 for 3rd-place winners. Some participants were also recognized with special awards, such as Scariest, Cutest, Best in Props, Best in Character, and Best in Costume, and they received toys and other tokens.

Irene Rey Jeyo, a 24-year-old mother from Sto. Niño Village, participated in the event with her unique costume concept. Her costume was a combination of a scarecrow for herself and her two-year-old child, Ma. Kyren Felice Cabañez, who was dressed as the Corpse Bride, her favorite character.

Irene shared that they joined for her child's joy. This was their first time participating in such an event, and they had no expectations other than having fun and seeing their child enjoy herself.

At a Halloween Costume Party organized by the local government of Baroy, a young girl wins the Best in Props Award for her portrayal of Sadako from "The Ring" film. (ADD/PIA-10/Lanao del Norte)

Spooktacular success

For the adult category, the top three prizes were P3,000, P2,000, and P1,000, respectively.

Christian Jimboy Cainglet from Barangay San Juan clinched the top prize in the adult category with his meticulously crafted and highly authentic scarecrow attire. It was his first time participating, and he rushed to prepare his costume on the very day of the event, not anticipating that he would emerge as the winner.

He mentioned that he had been registered for the competition for a while and had worked diligently on his costume. He bought some of the costume items from an 'ukay-ukay' or thrift store.

"Pasalamat ko sa LGU Baroy, sa akong pamilya, ug labaw sa tanan sa Ginoo. Nag-effort jud ko ani para sa akoang kaugalingon. Naa nako’y pang-allowance pang-eskwela sa college [I am thankful to the LGU Baroy, my family, and most of all to the Lord. I really put in the effort for this on my own. I now have an allowance for college]," he said.

Meanwhile, Ellezar Sambalod from Sto. Nino Village secured second place in the competition with a funeral bouquet costume inspired by a large bouquet used at a vigil.

Ellezar initially had a different concept in mind, which was Maria Labo's character, but he faced some challenges and decided on the condolence bouquet at the last minute. Ellezar admitted to lacking self-confidence but decided to give it a try and push his limits, believing that anything is possible.

"Sa katawhan sa Baroy, suportahan nato si Mayor. Magkahiusa 'tang tanan ug malipayon [To the people of Baroy, let's support our Mayor. Let's unite and be happy]," Ellezar said.

Moreover, Rene Boy Baco of Barangay Sagadan secured third place with a spine-chilling "tiyanak" character costume. He spent two hours perfecting his look and used charcoal to darken his skin for an authentic touch. He felt joy as he could buy rice using the prize he received.

Christian Jimboy Cainglet's scarecrow costume steals the spotlight at the Halloween Costume Party in Baroy, Lanao del Norte, earning him the top prize in the adult category. (ADD/PIA-10/Lanao del Norte)
Rene Boy Baco, adorned as a spine-chilling "tiyanak," clinches the 3rd place in the adult category at the Halloween Costume Party in Baroy, Lanao del Norte. (ADD/PIA-10/Lanao del Norte)

The Halloween Costume Party not only celebrated the spooky season but also fostered a sense of togetherness and joy in the Baroy community. As the moon set on the enchanting evening, the memory of the hauntingly creative costumes and the unity of the people of Baroy lingered like a ghostly whisper in the night. (LELA/PIA-10/Lanao del Norte)

Residents of Baroy, Lanao del Norte embrace their creativity and spookiness by donning various costumes at the Halloween Costume Party organized by the local government. (ADD/PIA-10/Lanao del Norte)

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