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Kapitan Nilo, Siquijor’s Agri-hero

They have been called “agriheroes” and they all deserve praise, recognition, encouragement, and support.

One such agri hero whose story is worth telling and whose farming practices are worth emulating is Nilo Magsayo. Nilo is a father of 11 children, a well-respected barangay captain, and a passionate and successful farmer for 40 years in Brgy. Logucan, Maria, Siquijor.

Kapitan Nilo, as he is fondly called, started farming when he was 10 years old, up until he reached 59 years old, an age that he describes as “dual citizenship.” 

From the income they gain from farming, Nilo and his wife managed to send all their children to school, some of whom have landed good jobs. 

His oldest daughter, who earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration Major in Management, is now working at the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation. One child finished a degree in BS in Elementary Education and is now working as a teacher, while another finished a degree in Marine Transportation and is now working on a ship. He also has a child who earned a degree in BS Criminology and a BSBA Major in Financial Management and is now pursuing law school.

Kapitan Nilo showing off his Huwarang Pamilya and Bayani Ka awards that inspired him to give his best for his family and his constituents in the barangay.. (RAC/PIA7-Siquijor with video capture from OPA)
A parcel of land 

Blessed with a big family, life was not easy for Nilo and his wife, as both came from poor families. 

When they were newly married, they faced many challenges, but they overcame them with hard work, understanding, and perseverance. “Sa among pagpaningkamot sa panguma, pagpamuhi ug mga hayupan inanay nga nahaw-as mi sa kalisod (We slowly and eventually overcame the hardships, as we tried to plant and produce varied crops and vegetables and raise livestock),” says Nilo. 

Starting with the land that his parents tilled and nurtured, he was able to buy a parcel of his own. 

With his wife's constant and strong support, Nilo practiced integrated farming with banana and corn as the main crops. He integrated these with vegetables such as onions, eggplant, okra, kangkong, and string beans, among other crops. This gave him enough produce to sustain their children's education as well as their daily needs.

Nilo's life as a farmer is dedicated not only to his family but also to his constituents, whom he has sworn to serve after he was elected barangay captain.

His priority was to address the community's long-standing need for reliable access to water.

Nilo recounts that prior to his assumption as the barangay captain, not a single household in the community had access to running or piped water, which he refers to as "faucet.” 

"Pero human sa akong usa ka termino, wala na sab ni usa ka panimalay ang walay faucet (After one term since I took office, there is no longer a single household without access to piped water),” he shares. 

"Mao gyud na ang akong ikapasigarbo nga makita ug mahikap gyud sa mga katawhan (This is my legacy to my barangay folks...that they can see and touch),” he adds.

Kapitan Nilo's demo farm for the project "Corn Double Row Planting Technology with Balanced Fertilizer use Strategy." (RAC/PIA7-Siquijor)
Conquering obstacles

Nilo’s family is also actively involved in the Gulayan sa Barangay program. 

They are also beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) and were recognized for the Huwarang Pamilya award. They received the first place award in 2015, then were picked as nominees for the “Bayani Ka” Award in 2017.

This paved the way for him to be one of the nominees of the Success Story video contest, which was part of the three-day Agri-Tourism Trade Fair during the 52nd Adlaw sa Probinsya in Siquijor, where he became this year’s winner.

With the theme “Malamboong Kaumahan ug Kadagatan alang sa Maluntarong Kalamboan,” the Agri-Tourism Trade Fair recognizes the farmers’ and fisherfolks’ contributions by showcasing their products, skills, expertise, and success stories. 

Nilo's story is about conquering obstacles and achieving success in a simple and noble way. 

Even with his duties as a barangay captain, Nilo never stopped embracing farming as his life. He urged barangay folks, especially the youth, not to waste time and take advantage of all the opportunities that come their way. 

He thanked the municipal, provincial, and national governments for the benefits and assistance his family has been able to avail of and enjoy throughout the years, such as farm implements, trainings, and techno farm demonstrations.

Kapitan Nilo harvesting eggplants at their backyard. (rac/PIA7-Siquijor with video capture from OPA)
Embrace farming

Kapitan Nilo encouraged the young people to embrace farming and not take it for granted. 

“Unta dili kalimtan sa mga kabatan-onan ang pagkat-on sa pagpanguma tungod kay importante  kini kaayo sa tawo, kay sa pagpanguma anaa gayud ang atoang kapanginabuhian (Hopefully, the youth will not forget to learn farming because it is important and it is the best source of livelihood),” he says. 

“Garbo kayo kong mosulti  nga usa ako ka mag-uuma (I am proud to say that I am a farmer),” Nilo adds. 

Kapitan Nilo and his family believe that farming is a profession one can be proud of. It proves that farming is an important profession, as agriculture continues to be the backbone of the economy. (RAC/PIA7-Siquijor)

Kapitan Nilo showing the Greenhouse and the techno demo farm that he obtained from the provincial and national agriculture office to boost his agricultural production. (RAC/PIA7-Siquijor with video capture from OPA)

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