50 tulog na lang, Pasko na!

  • Published on November 05, 2022
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50 tulog na lang, Pasko na!

May 50 days ka pa para makapamili ng regalo at ng mga ihahanda sa panahon ng Kapaskuhan. Manatiling maingat habang nasa pamilihan. Practice safe shopping!

Tandaan ang mga smart shopping tips mula sa Department of Trade and Industry.

1. To save time in locating products, familiarize yourself with the arrangements of stocks in the stores where you frequently do your shopping.
2. To avoid missing special, genuine sales, shop systematically up one aisle and down the other.
3. Keep a sharp eye for special price reductions of products which can be reserved for future use.
4. Be alert for low-budget, economical but nutritious recipes and other consumer product information. Go for quality, not quantity.
5. Vary your meals. Look to perk up the appetite of the family.
6. Read labels carefully and take note of nutrition information such as contents, measure, etc.
7. Look for expiry dates to insure freshness.
8. Do not be ashamed to ask the assistance of store supervisor for information or location of some items.
9. Compare prices per unit or serving.
10. Help control. Store operating costs which will indirectly affect prices. Handle merchandise carefully.
11. Go for value, not brand.
12. Time saved is time well-spent. At the check-out counter, unload items with prices showing.

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