Benefits of Colorful Rice

  • Published on November 09, 2022
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Benefits of Colorful Rice

Under Proclamation No. 524, s. 2014, National Rice Awareness Month is held every November to raise public awareness on rice, tackle malnutrition and poverty, and achieve rice self-sufficiency.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) launches the theme “BeRICEponsible” as a theme starting this year until 2028. The six-year theme is a call for every Filipino to do their part to address rice-related issues by not wasting rice, eating brown rice, mixing rice with other healthy staples, and supporting local rice farmers by buying and consuming local produce.

One of the actions promoted in the said celebration is the consumption of brown or unpolished rice as it has more fiber, minerals, and vitamins, particularly B vitamins, and has a lower glycemic index than white rice.

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