Filipino Values Month

  • Published on November 09, 2022
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Filipino Values Month

As we celebrate the Filipino Values Month this November, let us give imporatnce to the values that the strengthen the Filipino society.

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts conducted a research about the different values being upheld in the Philippines.

According to the study, the traditional Filipino values such as family-centered, faith and kapuwa have remained the same and reiterate the importance of values such as honesty, love of country and good governance in the progress of the society.

However, there are also changes in the mindset of Filipinos as most of us learn to prioritize in health and wellness at the same time focus on other values such as basic needs, work, livelihood, human rights, peace, enviroment, culture, heritage and creative excellence.

These values should be taught to all Filipinos in schools and communities to ensure a stronger Philippines, united for the common good.

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