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BOHECO I targets 100% reconnection by April 30

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, March 29 (PIA) -- At the current rate that Bohol Electric Cooperative I (BOHECO 1) is fixing its storm-damaged lateral lines and re-tapping drop wire lines to household subscribers, its catchment area would be fully reconnected before the fiesta season comes.

This is what BOHECO 1 shared in its "Bayanihan in Action: The Super Typhoon Odette Power Restoration Efforts" report some 102 days after typhoon Odette.

By April 30, at least, BOHECO 1 said all its lateral lines should be up and energized or receiving power which has already been available as of Feb. 9.

If by that time, households have been inspected by an accredited electrician and are certified to receive the supply, then, BOHECO 1 could then tap and get the house ready for the fiesta month of May.

Households needing to get the power supply should have re-erected their fallen drop wire posts, re-strung the loosened cables, and called an electrician to prepare the certification by now. 

In its report on March 28, the distribution utility that services the power distribution to 26 of Bohol’s 47 towns and one city, the power cooperative reported 65% restoration of its damaged poles, which were either snapped in two or simply pushed out of shape, to merit technical restoration. 

BOHECO 1 declared 4,991 poles damaged when the typhoon Odette ravaged the service area despite the eye of the storm largely hitting the northeastern part of the island.

As of March 28, a total of 3,262 poles were restored out of 4,991 damaged poles, BOHECO 1 said in a press release. 

As early as 5:00 p.m. on Dec. 16, 2021, BOHECO 1 was cut off the grid when the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) shut down the 128-kilovolt line supplying Bohol from Leyte due to a technical trouble in the submarine cable receiving station in President Carlos P. Garcia.

A few hours later, its special towers that string the high voltage lines from Leyte crashed in the face of gale force winds brought by the typhoon.

This covered the entire island in darkness. 

The day after the storm, BOHECO 1 geared up clearing and immediate restoration over lines that can be critical in supplying power to its substations, when such power is available.

A few weeks later, using the temporary power supplied by a standby power barge in Ubay, NGCP supplied temporary power through its backbone lines which were fixed in record time.

This allowed Bohol-based distribution utilities to start reconnecting households, making power available in key industries and some homes.  

By Feb. 9, NGCP completed the erection of temporary emergency restoration systems which allowed the more afforable Leyte power to come in.

Meanwhile, local distribution utilities looked into their backbone lines, which could bring in power to its lateral lines to the barangays. 

To date, according to BOHECO 1, the rehabilitation of their lateral lines is at 61%. 

"We have increased our energized connections to 60% or 94,195 out of 157,060 consumer connections, which is also the net of the 28,395 household connections that are fully damaged and can not be connected yet," BOHECO 1 added in its press statement. (RAHC/PIA7 Bohol)

Fallen power lines hampered rescue and relief efforts in Bohol after typhoon Odette hit the island. Now, these have also slowed the rehabilitation of power supply to the households, as distribution utilities are faced with the shortage of replacement metal or concrete posts for Bohol. (PIA Bohol)

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