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Vizcaya veggie, fruit, spice farmers get aid from DA

BAGABAG, Nueva Vizcaya(PIA) - -  The Department of Agriculture (DA) recently distributed agricultural inputs to fruit and vegetable farmers in the province.

The assistance such as highland vegetables, coffee, cacao, citrus and onion were given under the agency’s implementation of the High-Value Crops Development Program (HVCDP).

Hector Tabbun, DA information officer, said the partner private agencies also provided the farmers with technologies on production and post-harvest for highland vegetables, coffee, cacao, citrus and onion at the Nueva Vizcaya Experiment Station(NVES) here .

The agricultural inputs were given in partnership with  private companies such as RAMGO International Corporation, ALLIED Botanical Corporation, SENTINEL Plastic Manufacturing Corp., ENVIRO SCOPE SYNERGY Inc., and AGRIGROWTH International Corporation.

The beneficiary farmer organizations were the Acacia Highland Farmers Association(AHFA) with 112 members which received 1 unit hauling truck, 90 bags organic fertilizer, 390 pieces plastic crates, 1 unit greenhouse, 3 unit pump and engine set, 228 kgs assorted vegetable seeds amounting to P4,409, 156; Sanguit Upland Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative(SUFMPC) with 438 members received 1 unit greenhouse, 200 pcs. plastic crates, 200 bags organic fertilizer, 3 unit pump and engine and 134.3 kgs assorted vegetable seeds amounting to P2, 704, 968.32;  Catalidonan Indigenous People Irrigators Association Incorporated (CIPIAI) with 60 members received 138 pcs plastic crates, 138 bags organic fertilizer and 45.75 kgs assorted vegetable seeds amounting to 467, 559; I-wak Ancestral Domain Development Association (IADDA) with 110 members received 109 pcs plastic crates, 109 bags organic fertilizer and 17.25 kgs assorted vegetable seeds amounting to P439, 106, and  the Federation of Vista Hills, Kalonkong and Kakilingan Upland Farmers Inc. (FVHKKUFCI) with 250 members received 100 plastic crates, 100 organic fertilizer and 82.2 kgs assorted vegetable seeds amounting to P557,200.

Other recipients were the 8 Farmers, Cooperatives and Association(FCAs) from Coffee, Cacao and Citrus Industry such as: the  Bimmito Coffee Growers Association with(BCGA) 75 members, Mapalyao Watershed Association Incorporated(MWAI) with 268 members and Baresbes Upland Plazang Patring Farmers Association (BUPPFA) with 50 members received the following interventions 50 bags Controlled Release Fertilizer, 4 Units Multi-function Saw, 5 Units Grass Cutter and 100 pcs Hermatic Bags amounting to P381,405; Kasibu Coffee Growers Association(KCGA) with 63 members received 1 Unit Processing Facility, 30 Pieces Pallets, 500 pcs Hermatic Bag, 7 Units Grass Cutter, 7 Units Multi-function saw and 150 bags Controlled Release Fertilizer amounting to P3,126,796,  Bugkalot Coffee Growers Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BCGMPC) with 250 members received 20 pcs Pallets, 100 bags Controlled Release Fertilizer, 4 units Multi-function Saw, 5 units Grass Cutter and 400 pcs Hermatic Bag amounting to P760, 253 and Tiblak-Langak Farmers Association (TLFA) with 458 members received 100 bags Controlled Release Fertilizer, 200 pcs Hermatic Bag, 4 units Multifunction Saw and 5 units Grass Cutter amounting to P635, 293;  Nueva Vizcaya Cacao Growers Association(NVCGA) with 130 member received 60 bags Controlled Release Fertilizer, 100 pcs Hermatic Bags, and 4 units Multifunction Saw amounting to P355, 433;  Malabing Valley Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MVMPC) with 6,500 members received an interventions amounting to P1, 371, 280 (1 unit Solar Power and 2,824 bottles Foliar Fertilizer); Federation of Aritao Farmers Onion, Garlic and Ginger Growers Association(FAFOGGGA) with 1,487 members received 1 unit Onion Cold Storage, 3 units Pump and Engine Set, 1,106 kgs of Onion Seeds, 6 units Rain Shelter, 1 unit Multi-Purpose Shed, 92 pcs Pallets, 1,000 canister Humic Acid and 80 pcs Plastic Crates amounting to P29, 115, 625.

Abuyo Onion Growers Association (AOGA)with 154 members received 211.6 kgs Onion Seeds and 250 canister Humic Acid amounting to P1, 437, 605while Pinayag Upland Vegetable Growers Association (PUVGA) with 259 members received 528 kgs Onion Seeds and 500 packs Humus Supreme amounting to P3, 138, 400;

Tabbun said the interventions are funded under the HVCFP regular fund.

“The distribution of assistance aims to address the food security, poverty alleviation and sustainable growth,” he said.

Tabbun said it also empowers the high-value farmers/producers through creation of alternative profitable business and livelihood opportunities and aims to increase income to various small holders and workers.(BME/PIA NVizcaya)

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