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What to do before, during, and after elections

LEGAZPI CITY, Albay (PIA) -- Atty. Jasmin Cecilia V. Banzuela-Belarmino, acting attorney of the Commission on Election for Bicol, on Monday, enumerated the important things to bring and do before, during, and after the elections. 

First, she clarified that whether or not a person is vaccinated against COVID-19 will not matter as long as one is a registered voter. Only face masks, not face shields, are required to wear at all times.

Voters are encouraged to bring their hand sanitizer or alcohol, and a ball pen.

If an individual has 37.5 degrees Celcius temperature, he or she will have to vote in an isolation polling place which will be set up in every voting center. Support staff and watchers will help protect the voting process although the voter has to waive the right to feed the ballot to the machine and to check the voter-verifiable paper audit trail.

Voters are allowed to bring a list of candidates they are to vote for. However, they are not to show it to the watchers nor to take a photo of it. Taking pictures of the ballots and the VVAT or receipts, or selfies of their shading and casting of the votes are prohibited as the sanctity of the ballots should be respected. The receipts of the vote should not be taken outside the polling place because it is considered an election offense.

The secrecy folder and marking pen should be left inside the polling precincts. Electoral boards are also directed to continually sanitize election paraphernalia which are frequently touched and used by the public.

After voting, people should not loiter around the polling place so that it will not be congested, as a precaution for possible COVID-19 transmission from a carrier to other persons. (KAVB/PIA5)

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