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PopCom: Unplanned pregnancy is a silent crisis

TUGUEGARAO CITY, Cagayan (PIA) - - The Commission on Population and Development (PopCom) is trying to address the prevalence of unintended pregnancies which remain to be a concern in the Philippines. 

Undersecretary Juan Antonio A. Perez III, executive director, said one in three pregnancies is unplanned based on a study. 

"We acknowledge that 30% of the pregnancies are unintended or it may be even higher. This is what we want to highlight as this reality is not very obvious, it is hidden and it is a silent crisis," Perez said. 

In the Philippines, he said, the unplanned pregnancies reported were about 1.6 million in the last five years on average.

"I believe there are still probably 200,000 to 300,000 unintended pregnancies happening and there are still about 1.5 million women that are not yet reached by the family planning program," he said. 

With this, the commission is now closely working with other agencies that are involved in population management to develop and implement programs that will eventually reduce unintended pregnancies including the health, social welfare, and education departments.

Perez also noted a report of a research institution that, during the Covid19 pandemic period, a significant number of women did not want to get pregnant or had no intention of getting pregnant. There were also a lot of women who sought family planning interventions during the pandemic. 

USec. Juan Antonio Perez III of PopCom discusses programs to address unintended pregnancies in the Philippines.

"We want that every child that is born is planned, wanted and intended to be a member of a family," Perez added.  

Aside from this, PopCom is also paying more attention to the issues of Filipino families in terms of improved income, food security, health, and better housing which are included in the Philippine development program. 

He is hopeful that the next administration will continue the programs that were started and to further develop more interventions to address the unplanned pregnancy problem in the country. (OTB/PIA Cagayan)  

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