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CagVal readies for Monkeypox

TUGUEGARAO CITY, Cagayan, (PIA) – Even if there is no report of Monkeypox in the country, the Department of Health (DOH) here has already laid precautionary measures to prevent its entry in the region.

During the 5th Town Hall Meeting, Jellico Bryan Cabototan, Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Disease (RREID) Program Manager said they have been into massive information campaigns to inform the public on measures to protect oneself against monkeypox should it happen to enter the Philippines or the region.

He said that the observance  of minimum health protocols apply not only to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but to all kinds of infectious diseases such as the monkeypox.

While the country has its measures to prevent its entry, Cabototan said it is good for the people in the region to know more about the disease, which is almost close to chickenpox wherein it can spread through close contact through respiratory droplets and direct contact with skin lesions and recently contaminated objects.

It is good he said that people will boost their immune system, take vitamins if needed, maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep away from individuals especially those coming from countries with cases of monkeypox.

Monkeypox, Cabatotan said can be contracted either from animal or person infected with the virus through close contact.    

Just like the case of COVID-19, individuals with Monkeypox need to be isolated as well as their close contacts.

“Even if we have few cases of COVID-19, we still need to practice physical distancing, constant hand washing, use of facemask, among others because we are susceptible to other kinds of diseases,” Cabototan added.

Monkeypox is a disease caused by the monkeypox virus. It is a viral zoonotic disease which can be spread from animals to humans. It can also spread between people. (GVB/PIA-Cagayan)

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