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Mayor Baste keen on implementing doable tourism masterplan projects

DAVAO CITY - Mayor Sebastian Z. Duterte is keen on implementing doable tourism projects included under the 25-year Davao City Masterplan.

"Mangita ta ug sayon, wala man pud sayon ana. Pero kanang pinaka posible in a short period of time. Or maybe even before the elections pag abot sa tulo tuig mahuman akong termino (We’ll look for something easy, though there is nothing easy. But one that is very doable in a short period of time or maybe even before the elections, within the three years when my term ends)."

The Davao City Tourism Masterplan which was developed in partnership with consultancy firm Palafox and Associates was unveiled on July 26. The masterplan is a strategic tourism roadmap for the next 25 years and will be implemented in three phases.

The master plan identified sites for future tourism infrastructure projects, these included the proposed Davao Waterfront Development at Sta Ana port, the Davao Chinatown Night Markets in Tomas Monteverde Street, Davao Mountain Park in Marilog and the Eco-Tourism Adventure Park at Catigan-Eden-Toril. The projects under the masterplan entail a total budget of P32-billion.

According to Mayor Duterte the short-term implementation can be implemented to encourage more tourists to return to Davao.

“Suwayon nato na naa ta mahimo na maprogeam for the city para ma open ang economy at least marecover ang nawala sa ato sa duha ka tuig (We’ll try that we can do something, we can program for the city to open the economy at least to recover what we lost in the two years),” the Mayor stated.

Mayor Duterte said the masterplan can be implemented. He said the only problem is time to implement it.

"Tan-aw nako oras man lang imung kalaban ani.. kaya man jud siya, wala man ko makita na problema sa karon (I see that time is my only challenge here, it can be done, I don’t see any problem with it),” Duterte said during his radio program at the city-owned Davao City Disaster Radio held Thursday (Aug. 4).

Mayor Duterte cited the master plan as timely with the city’s tourism sector returning to normalcy.

“Timely pud kaayo ang pagturn over nila sa masterplan .. since wala na ang COVID restrictions so nagabalik na ta hinay-hinay sa normal na pre-pandemic, na possible ma-attain pud nato sa dakbayan (The turnover of the masterplan is timely since there is no more COVID restrictions hence we are slowly returning to normalcy, during pre-pandemic which we can attain here in the city),” the Mayor said. (PIA-XI/RG Alama)

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