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ULAP prexy urges LGUs along Sierra Madre to take lead in building green walls

CABARROGUIS, Quirino (PIA) - - Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines (ULAP) President and Quirino Governor Dax Cua has urged the provinces along the Sierra Madre Mountain range to take the lead in building their own green walls to protect them to future weather disturbances.

Interviewed by Karmina Constantino over ANC’s ‘Dateline Philippines’ yesterday, September 27, Cua has reiterated his call to his neighboring provinces such as Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya and Quezon to take it (green walls) seriously and put policies in place for the protection of the Sierra Madre Mountain.

Gov. Dax Cua also support the initial reaction of PBBM during his 65th birthday which is the nationwide tree planting, as this serve as one key component to combat climate change.

“Let’s all bond together, start this program about building green walls especially in the Sierra Madre and the other provinces will follow suit if they see the value in these green walls,” Cua said.

The ULAP chief said that the realization of how Super Typhoon Karding affect the environment and the economy and how Sierra Madre Mountain range shielded Luzon against the worst effects of the typhoon is nothing new but it’s more on the urgency of collective action, how all stakeholders, local governments together with national government and private stakeholders can bond together against the climate change.

“We are dependent on the Sierra Madre for our economy. We would like to appeal that we should treat climate change together with economy. They are not two separate things; they intertwine and once we neglect our natural resources, our ecological balance, then we are poorly planning for our future economy,” Cua stressed.

Cua lauded President BongBong Marcos’s move to initiate tree planting in the different parts of the nation as this is one key component of the green wall.

“Imagine we’re 110 million Filipinos, if only each of us would plant one tree every birthday so we would be plating a 110 million trees every year and it wouldn’t be so burdensome, it would be something very easy, something we do annually only,” Cua said.

The governor also stressed the importance of planning and managing the harvesting and extraction if these are part of the plan in a way that it becomes sustainable while maintaining the green walls for protection and for future preservation.

“Let’s start small, let’s start something that is doable, like I said 110 million trees a year is something that is doable. That’s only one tree per person in a year so those are the things that we can do and we should start talking about how to implement them or how to monitor them,” he added.

Governor Cua says that one way to combat climate change is to make a complete sustainalbe solution through a mindful planning.

When asked about the plan of cutting down of about 12,000 trees to give way to the Kaliwa Dam project which will be constructed in Quezon Province, Cua said it has to be measured against what are the environmental costs and what are the economic costs of that environmental costs.

“That’s the only way to see a logical balancing act so we can mitigate and we can plan whatever costs we will incur for the future,” Cua said as he admitted that he needs to see the calculations first.

Cua further said that Kaliwa Dam which is an essential project of the government is supposed to provide water for most of Metro Manila and it is supposed to give lots of productivity for our economy. (MDCT/TCB/PIA Quirino)

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