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Naga mayor recaps first 100 days on pro-people, infra developments agenda

“Not a day was wasted since the beginning of the term,” said Naga City Mayor Nelson Legacion on his 100 days report. The synergy between the city departments and the city council has successfully created the comprehensive development plan from 2022 to 2030 in aspects of infrastructure, nutrition, education, social service, urban housing, employment, local governance, financial, traffic management, security and transportation.

NAGA CITY, Camarines Sur (PIA) – In an over 30 minute-speech, Mayor Nelson Legacion  reported the accomplishments of his team over the past 100 days at the newly inaugurated Naga City Events and and Evacuation Center at Balatas Development Area , Barangay Balatas,  October 18, here. 

This delved on his eight-year Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) till 2030, which sets out to achieve his long-term vision of creating a  Mabaskog na Syudad (a healthy city), which will cost P15.6 B or P30 B including local governance expenditures.

The council granted the CDP provisional approval on July 26.

The Center for Safety and Resilience in Balatas and the access road leading via the barangays of Tabuco and Triangulo to the PNR station are two of his office's priority road projects that, according to him, have each received P45 million from the Department of Public Works and Highways.. This will form part of the Boulevard project later on.

Legacion announced the birth of other main road projects such as the San Isidro SLF-Palestina Bypass Road via Christ the King, and the nine-kilometer Pili (NGCP)-Milaor-Bicol Esplanade-Roxas Avenue Bypass Road.

Legacions said: “An mga proyektong ini madara nin balanse asin sustenidong progreso sa enterong ciudad sa paagi nin pagbugtak nin mga road system na bako sanang nakadesinyo para sa bulos kan mga behikulo, kundi siring man sa bwelong paghiro kan mga tawo, produkto asin impormasyon na kaipuhan na gayo sa satong pag-uswag.”

A masterplan for the Balatas New Development Area, he said,  will strengthen the Magsaysay growth area. The local chief said that this plan will utilize a new 200-bed city hospital, city resilience center, event center, Balatas National High School, urban agriculture demo farm and a food and leisure park.

The Naga City government has initiated rounds of meetings with the transportation department and the DPWH to advance and allocate funds for the Bicol River Esplanade in order to fulfill the five- hectare  lot for the Bicol Riverfront area development.

“An proyekto iyo an mataong access sa lugar kan satong bagong riverpark, asin riverside bypass road na enot ko nang naunambitan. An sentro kan proyekto iyo an People’s Park and Recreation Center na makolokar nin sarong interactive water fountain, cafes asin concert ground na pwedeng pagtiriponan nin abot sa 5,000 katawo,” he said.

Amid the threats of COVID-19 pandemic, the city government has gained achievements in youth and education developments.

One of which was the bidding for the construction of another two-storey structure last September which will house  eight classrooms at  Sta. Cruz National High School due to the increasing number of enrollees.

In August, the Legacion admin has toured around various colleges and universities in the city to conduct town hall meetings which aimed to listen to the concerns of the students. This resulted to ordinances of scholarship program implementation for the city youths.

As the outcome of convening student leaders, he said, “Lalankawan ta naman an numero kan mga iskolar na hali sa mga aki kan mga solo parents, persons-with-disabilities, asin mga miembros kan Sanggawadan.  Asin idudugang naman niato sa igwang automatic allocation sa satong tertiary scholarship program an mga kwalipikadong mga aki kan mga yaon sa informal waste sector.”

Naga City has excellently performed in the government’s drive on COVID vaccination, said Legacion. This led to a brave move to bring back traditional gatherings in the city, like the celebration of the month-long Peñafrancia  festivity, parades and other activities.

“Kun hihilingon, kita an premerong lokalidad sa Pilipinas na nagkusog-boot asin nanindugan na ibwelta an mga tradisyonal na aktibad sa fiesta sa panahon kan pandemya nin huli man sa satong trayumpo sa pagbabakuna kan satong namamanwaan. Sa datos kan Department of Health an Naga saro sa igwang pinakahalangkaw na compliance rate sa PinasLakas Program,” he said.

Mayor Legacion also credited the utmost efforts of the council headed by Vice Mayor Nene de Asis. In over 100 days, the city council has passed ordinances on underground cabling, road clearing of illegal construction, upholding significance and rights of LGBTQIA+, basic medical executive checkups among barangay health workers, among others.

A few days ago, the city hall  revived the “People’s Day”  – which allots time for Naga's constituents to get the basic services of the city and raise their queries regarding its various services.  

The Naga City Startup Ecosystem Development Program, being one of the entries for the 2022 Innovation Grants competition of the national government, was approved to be part of the 451 entries to be awarded grant of P7.5M. The amount will be used to boost startup industry in the city.

In the end Legacion promised: “Magsarig po kamo, na sa gabos niamong ginigibo asin gigiribohon pa, pirming kamo an yaon sa samong mga isip asin puso. Sa lambang sadit o dakula man na proyekto o programa, pirming karahayan mo Naga an eenoton.” (PIA5/Camarines Sur)

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