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PIA officials, employees are earthquake-ready

QUEZON CITY (PIA) -- The Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Central Office and National Capital Region officials and employees participated in the 4th Quarter Earthquake Drill (NSED) conducted today, November 10, 2022.

PIA officials and employees actively participated in practicing the “drop, cover, and hold” upon the ring of the first alarm signaling the start of the drill. They even went under the table to cover themselves from possible falling debris. Immediately after 10-15 seconds and upon the ring of the second alarm, they brought out their emergency GO bags and went out of the building using the nearest emergency exit. Personnel and officials evacuated to an open space area away from possible falling debris, uprooted trees, or collapsing structures due to the earthquake.

Meanwhile, the emergency focal person of each division immediately accounted for personnel and reported if there were missing and were still inside the building. Focal persons also checked if there were wounded or needed first aid among the personnel.

PIA Crisis Communication and Disaster Management Committee member Francis Martin also shared the following safety tips to remember:
a. Implementing a buddy system when evacuating;
b. Wearing a hard hat or protective gear to cover the head from falling debris; and
c. Being familiar with the emergency exit points in the building.

This is the fourth nationwide earthquake drill conducted this year to equip everyone with knowledge and to prepare them for the eventuality. This will serve as a core memory that they can remember and practice in case of emergency. (KAA – PIA CPSD)

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