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Ligao City hosts Miss Earth 2022 preliminary competition

LEGAZPI CTIY, ALBAY (PIA) –Ligao City hosted the pre-pageant event of 24 Miss Earth  2022 candidates held Nov. 21 and 22.  The event also highlights the promotion of the city’s environmental tourism.

’’We expect to be able to highlight the tourism spots here to introduce beautiful beaches, mountains, resorts, and enhance our tourism in the future,’’ Mayor Fernando V. Gonzalez stated.

After the press conference held at Ligao City Hall, Mayor Fernando V. Gonzalez welcomes again the candidates, thanking their efforts in raising and advocating environmental concerns through Miss Earth 2022 pageant. In frame are Ms. Valerie Solis from Panama on the left and Ms. Gianella Paz on the right delegate from Peru. (PIA5/Albay)

The preliminary competition was staged at the M Plaza event grounds at Batang Village, Ligao City on November 21.

On November 22, delegates had Eco-Tourism visit in the city exploring the Kawa kawa natural park, Bambusetum, and Paayahayan sa Bulod.

Miss Earth winners 

Jessica Cianchino of Canada bags the crown as Miss Earth 2022.

Belgium was declared as Miss  Earth Air Ligao, Colombia- Miss Earth Water Ligao, Australia-Miss Earth Fire Ligao, and Indonesia as Miss Earth Tourism Ligao.

Winners in long gown competition were Sheyla Ravelo Perez from Cuba, Gianella Paz from Peru and Andrea Aguilera of Colombia.  Australia received a special award as Miss Infinity Closet.

Every candidate showcased their talent and wit on the said event.

The coronation night will be held on November 29 in Metro Manila.

During the start of motorcade Miss Canada Jessica Cianchino who wins Miss Earth Ligao 2022 on Preliminary pageant warmly thank Ligao residents for their support.(PIA5/Albay)

Candidates also shared their advocacies during the press conference held at the Ligao  City Hall.

‘’ I would like to empower the people that individual steps matter, we can make difference no matter how small it is,’’Jessica Cianchino of Canada stated.

‘’Small steps like, recycling and reusing clothes respectfully, you can take this small step in your own daily life and make the big step, if we do this together, we will really change environmental problems,’’Cianchino added.

Delegate from Nepal, Ms. Sareesha Shrestha emphasized that Miss Earth is an advocacy- driven pageant.

‘’It collides platform to women like us about environmental concerns that is happening, while promoting the city and its environment is a good exposure,’’ Shrestha stated.

As an environmental advocate, Mayor Gonzalez cited that caring for the environment is their primary concern. Tourism, he said, is  a product of environment.

‘’Without environment we don’t have future, we have beautiful products, we want to enjoy all the fruits that this planet has to offer…to do that, we have to be concerned, preserve, and make sure that every step we make, we will consider our environment,’’ Gonzalez stated addressing the youth.

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