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DTI urges anew consumers to buy PS-marked fireworks, other products

ILOILO CITY (PIA) -- The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in Western Visayas urges consumers to only buy fireworks and other holiday products with the Philippine Standards (PS) certification mark to ensure quality and safety.

Recently, the Department of Health (DOH) 6 called for a consultative meeting on fireworks injury prevention, where DTI was tasked to elaborate on their mandate in ensuring the manufacturing, selling, and consumption of firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices based on the Philippine national standards.

Engr. Grace Benedicto of the DTI 6 Consumer Protection Division noted that the Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS), an attached agency of DTI, is the lead agency of the government in developing, promulgating, and implementing standards for all products in the Philippines.

The Bureau, through its mandatory certification mandate, also promotes standardization activities in the country and ensures the manufacture, production, and distribution of quality products for the protection of all consumers.

“For all products nga gina-declare mandatory ang certification, nagasunod na sila sa Order No. 4 sang DTI kung sa diin nagaagi ang tanan nga mga produkto nga magkuha sang lisensya. Hindi sila makadali-dali ka baligya without the license, amo man na sa palupok (All products declared under the mandatory certification follows the DTI Order No. 4

where all products shall secure license. Without it, these products could not be easily sold in the market, including the fireworks products),” stressed Benedicto.

According to her, there are three categories or classes of fireworks covered under the mandatory product certification of the Philippine National Standards (PNS) and regulated by DTI.

Class 1 fireworks present very low hazards and negligible noise intended for use in confined areas like party poppers and handheld sparklers; class 2 fireworks present low hazards and low noise levels and are intended to use outdoors in relatively confined areas such as fountains, bangers, wheels, and mine; and class 3 fireworks are those presenting a medium hazard and noise level is not harmful to human health but intended to use outdoors in large open areas like rockets, Roman Candle, Shell in Mortar, and the likes.

“Classes 1 to 3 are being regulated by DTI-BPS. Every year, we monitor, together with the PNP and BFP, to check the products. As to DTI, it’s the quality, it’s the PS mark,” Benedicto noted.

Also, she reminded the public that fireworks products should not have Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) stickers because the importation of such products is not allowed hence all these should be Philippine-made and bear the PS mark.

“PS mark is the mark of quality. It’s a globe with a checkmark with the four-digit license number of the manufacturer and it

is not a sticker but printed either on the product itself or on the packaging,” she added.

As of Nov. 16, Benedicto reported that the fireworks manufacturers based in Western Visayas are not included in the BPS list of issued licenses for fireworks. Previously, these are located in Iloilo City and Hinigaran town in Negros Occidental.

The list of the brands of fireworks with PS mark licenses and other updates are all available on the official website of BPS through to further guide consumers. (JBG/FRG/PIA6)

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