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Entrepreneurship gaining headway into the Pinoy mindset

QUEZON CITY, (PIA) -- Entrepreneurship is increasingly gaining headway into the Filipino mindset. 

This is according to a survey conducted by OCTA Research, the results of which were shared by Go Negosyo founder Joey Concepcion. 

“I am glad that the work we have done for the last 17 years continues to bear fruit. The recent survey by our friends at OCTA Research found that a big percentage of Filipinos are willing to go into business, and that more than half of the respondents are aware of the advocacy that I and the Go Negosyo team have been promoting. It is so important to build the MSME’s optimism and the willingness to engage in the economy,” Concepcion said. 

Prof. Ranjit Rye of OCTA Research said that the survey was conducted in the last week of October 2022.  

“The results showed that 81 percent of adult Filipinos would prefer to go into business, granting that they had enough knowhow to do so. Across socioeconomic classes, that desire remains high at 80percent among classes ABC and D, and 74 percent from class E,” said Prof. Rye. 

He shared that the survey also found that more than half, or 53 percent were aware of Joey Concepcion and his work at Go Negosyo, the non-profit he founded in 2005. Go Negosyo is seen either as a partner, or a supporter, of small businesses/enterprises by 52 percent of adult Filipinos, or as one that teaches how to run a business by 47 percent of adult Filipinos. 

The survey involved 1,200 respondents aged 18 years and older, covering socioeconomic classes AB, C, D and E. 

Concepcion said that the survey showed that Go Negosyo and its push for an entrepreneurial mindset has had an impact on the Filipino.  

Since 2005, Go Negosyo has promoted entrepreneurship as a way for Filipinos to lift themselves out of poverty.  

“There are about 26 million Filipinos still living in poverty, unable to meet their basic food and non-food needs. This represents nearly a fourth of our entire population,” Concepcion said. 
 “By providing access to the three M’s essential in successful entrepreneurship – namely mentoring, and access to markets and money, or capital – we can increase the number of Filipinos who can build successful businesses, and in turn employ more of our countrymen,” he added. (go negosyo/pia-ncr) 

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